James O’Keefe’s Next October Surprise: Conservative Filmmaker Dropped Hints About Video Of Hillary Clinton ‘Demeaning And Disparaging’ Black People

James O’Keefe is promising another October surprise on Monday that could sink Hillary Clinton, with the embattled filmmaker releasing what could be the video he promised would show Clinton “demeaning and disparaging” black people.

O’Keefe had pledged last month that he would release a series of videos implicating both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party in some underhanded play. And he appeared to have delivered on at least some of that, releasing videos in the past two weeks through his group Project Veritas showing some affiliated organizations talking about what sounded like voter fraud and inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies.

James O’Keefe has promised an even bigger October surprise for Monday, one that will move a bit higher up the food chain in the Democratic Party. As Gateway Pundit noted, the next video will reportedly focus directly on Hillary Clinton.

“James O’Keefe posted a warning to Hillary and the Democrats on Friday. Project Veritas will release part III of their investigation on the illegal actions by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton Campaign. Part III will be released on Monday.

“Hillary Clinton and DNC chair Donna Brazile will be implicated.”

The promise has generated enthusiasm among conservative circles, who have hailed O’Keefe’s work in the initial set of videos released. It is also seen by many as a counter to the Access Hollywood video released last month showing Donald Trump appearing to brag about sexually assaulting women.

While the exact nature of the next October surprise video wasn’t released, James O’Keefe had teased last month that he had video of Hillary Clinton and her campaign “demeaning and disparaging” black people. He had also bragged that he had a “nuclear bomb” to drop on the Clinton campaign.

While O’Keefe in his tweet did not specify who he meant by “them,” the context made it appear to be Clinton. The tweet came in response to someone lamenting the fact that the FBI couldn’t nail Clinton on her email scandal.

But as O’Keefe has released the videos through Project Veritas, he has also come under fire for accusations that the videos make use of deceptive editing to smear targets. Some of those featured on the videos have come forward to challenge their portrayal, a charge that is familiar to O’Keefe and his work.

The controversial filmmaker gained fame in 2009 for a series of videos that appeared to show workers of the non-profit group ACORN helping a self-professed pimp in applying for benefits that would allow him to continue his sex-trafficking operation.

The videos helped lead a congressional backlash against ACORN, but a later investigation cleared the group of wrongdoing and found that O’Keefe failed to show the employees responding inappropriately. O’Keefe was later forced to pay a $100,000 settlement to Juan Carlos Vera, an ACORN employee who was fired after the video’s release.

There are also accusations that James O’Keefe has been working closely with Donald Trump to complete the project, The Huffington Post noted.

“In conservative circles, the videos caused a stir, fed in large part by Donald Trump’s campaign, which brought O’Keefe himself to the third presidential debate on Wednesday so he could shame reporters for avoiding the issue. Trump, in fact, gave O’Keefe’s outfit $10,000 through his Trump Foundation, while the CEO of his campaign, Steve Bannon, regularly featured O’Keefe’s work when he was executive director of Breitbart.”

But these accusations have done little to slow James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, which is still set to release new October surprise videos starting on Monday. It’s not clear yet what the next video will show or if it is the racially demeaning video of Hillary Clinton that he had hinted about last month.

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