Bella Thorne And Tyler Posey's PDA Get On Their Fans' Nerves

Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey have been packing on the PDA on and off social media, and it appears that their fans have had enough. The friends and actors just started dating a few months ago, shortly after Bella ended her relationship with British actor Gregg Sulkin. Since then, they have been showing off their love every chance they can get.

Tyler Posey, Bella Thorne
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Bella Thorne, 19, and Tyler Posey, 24, have been publicly admitting their love for each other on Twitter. It's not the first time that the two have dropped the L word on social media despite the fact that they just started dating. Earlier this month, Bella and Tyler have expressed their love for each other at different times on Twitter.

But it looks like their fans are fed up. They would rather if the two would keep their love off of social media. It all started when Thorne dropped the love bomb again on Twitter by tweeting, "I f***ing love you baby @tylerposey" from her account, as reported via In Style. Posey tweeted two hours later, with a few more sweet words to say to his girlfriend. He said that he's really in love with the former Disney star and he wishes her luck on her new series, Famous In Love.

Some of their fans were off-put by the comment, according to Teen Vogue. Here's what one fan said once the two gushed over each other on Twitter on Friday, Oct. 21.

"yall cant text eachother this bullsh*t?[sic]"
Bella didn't appear to mind, though. It doesn't look like neither Bella nor Tyler are slowing down their PDA train anytime soon. She explained why she wanted to tweet instead of text, adding a wink emoji at the end.Of course, this isn't the first time that the pair has displayed their love on social media. Thorne previously posted a racy photo of herself straddling Posey on an inflatable lounge chair in the pool. She even shared a paparazzi photo along with the caption "#mancrush." Of course, that's not the only half-naked photos she's posted of the two on social media.
Earlier this month, the Teen Wolf star was spotted with large visible hickeys on his neck at this year's Comic Con in New York City, according to E! Online. Fans were wondering if the bruises on his neck were actually hickeys, so they decided to ask Thorne about them.

Tyler Posey
Tyler Posey spotted with a hickey on his neck earlier this month. [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV]

"@bellathorne what the hell did you do to @tylerposey mom? You're dangerous," the fan wrote to the red-headed teen star.

The 24-year-old actor caught wind of the tweet and responded, "You should see hers…"

Fans went to lurk on Thorne's account after Posey tweeted. On her 19th birthday, the actress was seen getting her septum pierced, but in a video of the procedure on Instagram, a large hickey on her neck took the attention away from her piercing. Even fans remarked about how "gross" and "tacky" Thorne's hickey looked on her.

According to an inside source, Thorne feels deeply for Posey as he feels for her. She has since referred to him as her "soul mate" on social media, as seen in the above tweets. Still, their relationship is new and those honeymoon feelings could die off anytime soon.
"Bella really likes Tyler. It's new, but she hopes it will get to a more serious point. She loves being in a relationship and dating one guy at a time; she is really excited about him."
Let us know what you think. What do you think of Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey's social media PDA? Do you agree that it's all too much? Sound off below in the comments section.

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