Democrats Have A False Flag Alien UFO Invasion Plan To Scuttle Nov. 8 Election Day: Project Firesign Is Designed To Allow Obama Declare Martial Law, Install Clinton As President: Conspiracy Theory [Video]

A bizarre conspiracy theory claims a bombshell document leak that reveals a sinister plan by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign to stage a false flag alien UFO invasion of Earth on November 8, Election Day.

According to the weird conspiracy theory, the move to fake a massive alien UFO invasion of Earth on Election Day is part of an overall strategy by Democrats to allow President Barack Obama to suspend the general election, declare martial law, and then hand over power to "Crooked Hillary Clinton."

The alleged sinister and evil plan called Project Firesign is a limited version of Project Blue Beam being implemented for the limited purpose of subverting the popular will of voters on November 8, according to conspiracy theorists.

Details of the bizarre plan were revealed through two email leaks, namely, WikiLeaks Podesta emails and a PDF document attributed to Benenson Strategy Group (BSG), allegedly leaked by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

The PDF document claims to reveal details of a study conducted on behalf of the Clinton Foundation by BSG to develop a strategy to subvert the election process through staging an alien invasion false flag on November 8.

Although even a cursory assessment of the PDF document suggests it is a forgery due to its glaringly unprofessional presentation and format, many Americans who take their news from the so-called "alternative news sources" are taking claims that the document is a genuine leak by Anonymous seriously.

The document begins with a report on the results of an alleged telephone survey conducted using a representative sample of "2,021 adult Americans" on October 10-13, 2016. The "unskewed poll" found that despite doctored polling results that give the impression that Clinton is set for a resounding victory over the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, her favorability ratings have crashed to historic lows (12 percent) while Trump has consolidated support among independents.

The document claims that support has shifted from Clinton to Trump and Jill Stein among independents and liberal whites. It claims that the strategy to discredit Trump through accusations of sexual misconduct is failing because the allegations have largely been debunked and because majority of women "understand that confident men talk that way" -- a reference to Trump's "locker room talk."

Project Firesign
Democrats will stage a false flag alien invasion on Election Day and impose martial law [Image by Angela Harburn/Shutterstock]

The PDF document then gives details of a second survey that attempts to determine what could stop likely voters from voting on Election Day, as part of efforts to develop a strategy to help Hillary Clinton win the election.

Some of the events that could stop people from voting, according to the document, include a powerful storm, a Zika virus scare, threat of violence at polling places, long lines at polling places, threat of natural disaster, Black Lives Matter riots, civil unrest, and attack by extraterrestrials.

The document gives the impression that the Clinton campaign has been conducting studies to determine the most effective way to stop Trump voters from going out to vote on Election Day. But it concludes, based on survey results, that "Trump voters are unstoppable." This means that false flag operations, such as Zika threats, threat of violence, and Black Lives Matter violence are designed to discourage Trump voters from going out to vote on Election Day would fail.

The document also points out that the elaborate strategy to rig the election in Clinton's favor through a "poll-driven narrative" has failed because the use of doctored polls as a psychological weapon to manipulate voters has been "pushed too far."

People, according to the document, have become aware that polls are being doctored to give the impression that Clinton has a comfortable lead over Trump.

After painting a gloomy and dire situation that suggests that all strategies to rig the election in favor of Clinton have failed, the document goes on to recommend a "final salvage option" that might still help Clinton to achieve her ambition to become president of the United States.

Project Firesign

The document recommends the adoption of Project Firesign as the only viable "salvage option" for the Clinton campaign. Project Firesign involves the staging of a false flag alien UFO invasion event.

But before recommending Project Firesign as the only viable "salvage option," the study reviewed and rejected other potential "salvage options":

Red Dawn: UN forces scuttle the election

Cobalt rain: A radiological attack

A Black Lives Matter riot

A false flag Zika epidemic using an improved strain of the virus

"Sharia escalation"

False flag "unnatural disaster" events, such as exploding a thermobaric weapon in fracking mine

After considering the pros and cons of the various potential options, the study recommended Project Firesign as the best "salvage option" to stop an inevitable Trump victory at the 2016 general election.

What is Project Firesign?

According to the document, Project Firesign is a Department of Defense and NASA black project that has been under development for two decades. The purpose of Firesign is to induce mass religious hysteria by using state-of-the-art holographic laser projection technology to throw hyper-realistic 3D images on the "sodium layer" of the atmosphere at an altitude of about 100 km.

"The aftermath of FIRESIGN will be the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur."
Project Firesign will use sophisticated 3D holographic laser projectors to throw movie images in the sky. The images will cover thousands of square miles of Republican voting regions, equivalent to 23 percent of the total land mass of the United States. The 3D movie images will simulate an alien UFO invasion on a gigantic scale.

The images will simulate massive floating cities, gigantic futuristic alien spacecraft with advanced laser weaponry, all mixed judiciously with throwback elements incorporating biblical art motifs of Jesus's Second Coming, angelic beings armed with flaming swords, chariots of fire, cherubim, and seraphim...

The 3D movie images will look convincingly real and will be augmented with "pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions" that stimulate specific areas of the prefrontal cortex linked to religious and spiritual experiences.

Augmentation of the realistic 3D images with "pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions" will trigger mass religious-spiritual hysteria ("Damascus-Road-Experience") characterized by gross transformation and destabilization of mental equilibrium on a large scale.

According to the document, the envisaged scenario and its psychological mass hysteria impact are feasible because successful field tests have been conducted in the "Levant."

"Firesign will require a great deal of power, mobile command stations with nitrogen-cooled super-computers, and the co-opting of the ELF arrays."
Project Firesign will be implemented on Election Day
Democrats will stage a false flag alien invasion on November 8, conspiracy theorists claim [Image by Michael Zduniak/Shutterstock]

"The trauma of Firesign will provide cover to govt and NGOs who will be 'providing aid' (psychotropic drugs to induce docility)... [and] ensure further domestication [of the masses]."
The implementation of Firesign on Election Day will bring the electoral process to a halt. President Obama will then declare a state of national emergency, impose martial law and assume absolute powers as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, ostensibly to fight and overcome the alien invasion.

According to the document, after achieving a fake victory, Obama would then hand over power to "Crooked Hillary Clinton." Clinton would then assume power under martial law as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to ensure "continuity of the state."

The "Obama-Clinton ruling cabal" will justify perpetuation of martial law as essential in the post-invasion period to allow government to rehabilitate traumatized citizens.

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