Adam Levine Reportedly Accused Of Violently Abusing Wife And Infant Daughter, Investigation Clears Him Of Allegations

Adam Levine is the superstar front-man of Maroon 5, he has made himself into a household name as a host and coach on The Voice and he's even made a cameo or two, including a brief appearance in American Horror Story: Asylum. All in all, Adam Levine also has a reputation for being a good guy, a kind person and a loving father and new dad to 4-week-old daughter, Dusty Rose.

For all of those reasons, the world was in absolute shock and disbelief when TMZ broke the news that Adam Levine was allegedly being investigated for both child and spousal abuse. The allegations against Adam were vile, disturbing, and ultimately baseless. However, that didn't stop the LAPD from coming to his house to look into claims that he had not just struck his wife, Behati, but also that Adam Levine had punched his tiny daughter in the face.

According to Hollywood Life, the accusations that were levied against Adam Levine were made directly to the Los Angeles Police Department on October 12, and they came in the form of an anonymous, untraceable tip. Because the anonymous allegations against Adam Levine involved domestic violence and the physical abuse of a vulnerable child no less, local authorities had no choice but to investigate the claims that Levine had done the unthinkable.

The anonymous tipster reportedly spoke to an officer in the LAPD Juvenile Division, and the horrific abuse that 37-year-old Adam Levine was accused of perpetuating against his young family was so incredibly detailed that police were reportedly concerned. Adam was accused of striking his baby daughter in her face and hitting his 27-year-old wife with so much force that she fell to the ground as a result.

Reportedly, the LAPD made a trip to Adam Levine's home and conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations. Not surprisingly, neither Adam's wife or daughter showed any signs of physical abuse (or any other form of abuse for that matter), further, both Adam Levine and his wife denied that any kind of abuse had gone on in the relationship, at Adam's hands or otherwise. It didn't take long for LAPD investigators to come to the conclusion that they had been duped by their anonymous tipster and that the allegations of domestic violence and child abuse that had been made against Adam Levine were completely false.

Adam Levine and his young family are reportedly a bit shaken up by the public nature of the needless and invasive investigation they were forced to endure as a result of the baseless and unfounded anonymous abuse tip that the LAPD received. However, Adam is reportedly taking the harrowing situation in stride and has reportedly spoken of "appreciating and respecting" the job the police did in his case.
Further, according to TMZ, Adam Levine has also claimed to be fully satisfied with the way the police handled the difficult job of investigating false claims and is supposedly glad that law enforcement "promptly concluded the claims were untrue."

While Adam has reacted to an unthinkable situation with good graces and even a large amount of respect, some of his friends are reportedly less-than-thrilled with what Adam Levine was forced to endure. And in the public eye, no less.

"[It's] unfair that being in the public eye means you sometimes fall victim to false, atrocious allegations."
Following their investigation into the baseless abuse claims some anonymous tipster made about Adam Levine, the LAPD has reportedly determined that no further work is needed on the case, and as such, the child abuse case against Adam Levine is said to be officially closed. However, even though the situation had a happy ending (after all, Adam Levine wasn't actually abusing his wife and tiny child), many are expressing their sympathy that Adam had to go through such an invasive and publicly humiliating set of circumstances in the first place.

Especially when nobody close to Adam Levine could possibly imagine that the talented superstar would ever hurt his wife or child.

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