Catelynn Lowell Receives Harsh Criticism After Using Word 'Retarded': 'Teen Mom OG' Star Posts Snapchat Video Of Nova In Shower

Catelynn Lowell has been the star of Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG for years. Fans watched as she decided to give up her first daughter for adoption as a teenager. Tyler Baltierra has stood behind her the entire time and the two have been married for just over a year after being together for over a decade. They welcomed their second daughter, Novalee, almost two years ago. It would seem that things were picture-perfect from the outside, but a lot has been going on in Lowell's life.

Teen Mom OG cameras have caught Catelynn Lowell's battle with depression and anxiety. She sought help from a rehab facility in Arizona and spent a month there learning different ways to cope and handle her panic attacks and feelings of despair. Right now, she is catching heavy criticism from viewers of the show, especially after Monday's episode aired. While there is plenty of support for her, Lowell is getting some backlash over the way she is (or isn't) handling things. Social media has been buzzing with comments, most of them hurtful in nature.

Last night, Catelynn Lowell posted a video of her daughter, Nova, on Snapchat. The app is quite popular with people of all ages and celebrities share snaps of their life with the world. While this wouldn't normally be a big deal, Lowell's little girl appeared to be naked in the shower. The video showed her singing in the shower.

Fans were in an uproar over it, and some rallied together to report it and have it taken down. In response to what happened, Lowell used the word "retarded" to describe the people who reported the video and included her mother giving the middle finger to the camera. That also caused serious backlash. According to a tweet from Catelynn Lowell, she is sorry that she used the word retarded and apologizes if she offended anyone.

This is not the first time the Teen Mom OG star has done something to offend fans, and it likely won't be the last. Catelynn Lowell and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, have been making headlines lately with their ties to marijuana usage. She admitted to using the drug on the show and there was some footage of her smoking in a car with her mom. Baltierra has been avid about pushing for the legalization of the drug and actively comments about it on social media. It was revealed that the two were arrested on possession charges just a week after Lowell gave birth to their first daughter, Carly. This has been a heavy topic of criticism for the couple. They don't seem to mind what people are saying about them, as they remain present on social media platforms.The video of Nova in the shower singing has been removed from Snapchat. Catelynn Lowell was upset that people would report her, but many were concerned the video could have been used for ill purposes by child predators. Many mentioned that there could have been photos taken of the video to use for child pornography and other malicious things. By reporting Lowell's video, many felt like they were protecting the little girl. Lowell and her mother were upset that it was reported and ranted about it. In fact, the use of the word "retarded" really set people off. Lowell had to issue an apology, though it is unclear whether or not she did it because she meant it or to save face.Another day, another scandal. Catelynn Lowell seems to be causing controversy a lot these days. Teen Mom OG fans will surely be talking about this one for days to come. It may have been an innocent post but Catelynn Lowell definitely didn't think about the effect it could have had if stolen by the wrong person.

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