'Shahs Of Sunset' Reza Farahan Gives Update On Mike Shouhed's Post-Jessica Parido Dating Life

It seems that Mike Shouhed's dating life isn't suffering despite the fact that his marital drama with Jessica Parido, and the admission that he cheated on her, was aired for all to see on Season 5 of Shahs of Sunset. In an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, posted on Thursday, Reza gave an update on how his pal and co-star Mike is doing after the demise of his marriage.

According to Reza, Mike has no problem getting ladies' attention. Reza, who currently stars on the real estate show Yours, Mine or Ours, revealed that he was just at a club with Mike where Mike was boasting to women that he can turn them into a 10 and change their lives. Reza added that the women paid attention to Mike and that Mike was even "on one."

"Mike was just at a club the other night with me, he was telling b**ches that he could turn them into dimes and he could change their lives... he was on one. It literally was one of the most amazing evenings. And the girls were listening, he had a captive audience."
Mike and Jessica married in Los Angeles in March 2015, only for Jessica to file for divorce a few months later in November. In an interview with InTouch, Jessica said that she found numerous texts messages that Mike exchanged with several women. According to Jessica, the text messages were sexually graphic and even included Mike talking about his penis size. In the divorce petition that InTouch obtained, Jessica listed the date of separation as August 1.

Shahs of Sunset Season 5 opened with Jessica and Mike happily married. Yet the happiness was short-lived. One episode showed them attending therapy, where Jessica revealed that she moved out of the marital home. At first, neither one said anything about infidelity. Mike would only say that he didn't respect Jessica enough and was too preoccupied with working. As the season progressed, Jessica hinted that there was more behind the separation. When she finally accused him on-air of cheating on her, Mike denied it to his co-stars. He even denied that he cheated when asked by a producer during a confessional interview.

Eventually, Mike admitted that he did cheat on Jessica. He cried as he talked about his mistake and wanting Jessica back. Despite Mike's pleas, Jessica remained firm in divorcing him. Unlike for Season 4, Jessica never showed up to the Season 5 reunion show.

Jessica Parido frequently lashed out at Mike Shouhed as the season aired. As the Inquisitr reported, Jessica even tweeted that Mike has sex with everyone and that he should cry over losing her.

During his interview with The Daily Dish, Reza Farahan also gave an update the feud between Asa Soltan Rahmati and Mercedes "MJ" Javid. Reza believes that Asa and MJ will work it out and become friends again soon.

"I think that MJ and Asa are definitely on the road to recovery. Peace is in the near future."
Indeed, just two days ago Reza posted a photo of himself hanging out with both Asa and MJ.
During the season 5 reunion show, Asa and MJ got into a very heated argument after Asa said that MJ wasn't supportive of her. It got especially tense when Asa suggested that MJ didn't even really work as a real estate agent. Mj shot back that Asa only uses the show to promote her clothing business rather than showing her complete life, in particular her relationship with Jermaine Jackson, Jr.

As for his own feud with Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, Reza was more skeptical on a reconciliation. Reza admitted that he still doesn't trust GG after what she did to him. Yet he didn't outright rule out being friends with her. He actually left the possibility of a friendship open with a "we'll see."

"I think that for the most part no one condones GG's behavior. GG made up a disgusting lie about me. She claimed she had a sex tape of me... then she said she didn't have it but she saw it, then she didn't see it but it existed. Then she admitted it didn't exist but someone told her a story about me doing something five years ago and then she jumped me and Adam. It's gonna take a minute for me to be able to have her in my life. I just, I don't trust her. Everyone wants her to kind of rise above and become a better person and I'm a little skeptical and I want proof, so we'll see."
On season 5, Reza doubted GG's claim that she suffered from rheumatoid arthritis so serious that it required chemotherapy. He pointed out to the others that GG's behavior, which included heavy drinking and partying, didn't exactly reflect that of someone with a debilitating disease. Not surprisingly, GG did not appreciate Reza questioning her illness. In retaliation, GG claimed that she knew someone from the gym who has a sex tape of him and Reza having sex. On the season finale episode, Reza confronted GG about her claim and then sent fake letters to the other cast members that basically called out all of GG's misdeeds. By the end of the night, GG was so mad at Reza that she tried to physically attack him.

On the Shahs of Sunset Season 5 reunion show, Reza broke down sobbing as he talked about how much GG hurt him, professionally and personally with her sex claim. He was so upset he even walked off the set. After the reunion show finished its official filming, a cameraman followed GG as she knocked on Reza's trailer. She asked him to remain open to a reconciliation. He begrudgingly agreed.

Just a week ago, Reza posted a photo of himself and Adam attending a fashion show in support of GG, who was walking in the show. Perhaps Reza doesn't yet completely trust GG yet but is okay with hanging out with her socially?From Reza Farahan's recent photos with Mike Shouhed, Asa Soltan Rahmati and Mercedes "MJ" Javid, as well as his photo showing him supporting Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi at the fashion show, it certainly seems as if Shahs of Sunset Season 6 is already filming.

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