‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’ Star Gal Gadot Gushes Over Isla Fisher Kiss

There are many reasons Gal Gadot decided to sign on for Keeping Up with the Joneses. Taking on the comedy was something that Gadot found intriguing, because she had always had an interest in exploring her humorous side, but, as Gadot told Jimmy Kimmel Live audiences, there was another reason Keeping Up with the Joneses held a particular appeal. Gal opens up about the Isla Fisher kiss that really drew her in and revealed more about working with the comedy’s cast, even as she becomes overshadowed by Wonder Woman’s presence.

Keeping Up With The Joneses‘ Gal Gadot Raves About Her Isla Fisher Lip Lock


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Even as talk spreads throughout the online community surrounding the sexuality of DC hero Wonder Woman, the actress who plays her on film is eagerly exploring her own pansexuality in another role. In speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Gal Gadot says she looked forward to kissing Isla Fisher, according to Time. In fact, Gadot told Kimmel that the Fisher kiss was what first attracted her to the Keeping Up with the Joneses role.

That’s why I signed the movie to begin with,” Ms. Gadot explained. “They said there’s a kiss scene and I was like eh and…with Isla Fisher and I was like, oh! I’m in.”

Naturally, Kimmel pushed Gal to give greater detail about the kiss, but the Keeping Up with the Joneses star declined to feed Jimmy’s curiosity. She did comment that her own husband was equally intrigued by the kiss, perhaps even more so than Ms. Gadot, herself.

Speaking of the men in her life, Gal has also recently commented on the way in which a move toward being more political correct has left interactions between men and women more muddled than ever. Specifically, the Keeping Up with the Joneses actress says it’s become difficult for women to know how to take a compliment, just as it has become awkward for men to offer a compliment.

“It’s tricky because the balance needs to be found. It can be a beautiful thing for a man to come and say to a woman that she looks gorgeous—if it’s harmless,” said Ms. Gadot.

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Gal Gadot Brightens Up A Room, But Perhaps A Little Too Much?


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When Gal Gadot enters a room, everyone pays attention, but, until recently, the she never suspected that the glances in her direction were given out of fear, reports Glamour. Gal says she likes to always feel comfortable and feels that the best way to do that is to make others feel comfortable first, so the last thing she wants is to create tension, yet it was recently brought to her attention that such hasn’t been the case.

Isla Fisher delivered the startling revelation to her Keeping Up with the Joneses co-star.

“Isla was like, ‘They’re really scared of you!’ I didn’t notice that! I’m harmless! I’m all about peace and love and hugs and free hugs,” says Gal Gadot.

To prove her point, Gadot reveals that her first name translated into Hebrew means “wave” and, much like a big wave, she says she’s a very calm person, adding that it’s difficult to get her to lose her cool. Gal also says that she loves water and the oceans, so her name has a double meaning in relation to her personality.

As her fans can attest, Gadot is a big fan of quotes and frequently posts them on her Instagram account, so she was asked which, among them, is her favorite.

“I like the one, ‘Darling, just f—ing own it.’ It’s as simple as that. Don’t try to be something you’re not,” advises Ms. Gadot. “Just focus on your own path and just f—ing own it and be it and do it the best way you can.”

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