Porsha Williams' Ex-Husband Throws Major Shade: 'I Don’t Want A Child'

Porsha Williams has been keeping a low profile in Atlanta lately, as she's been busy filming a brand new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha struggled to gain her footing after divorcing Kordell Stewart a few years back, as she claimed that he left her with nothing. The former NFL player probably had a new stash of cash in his bank account, but Porsha didn't get too much of that during the divorce. In fact, Stewart reveals that she was making her own six-figure paycheck from Bravo at the time of their divorce, so he didn't see the need to give her any money.

According to a new Reality Tea report, Porsha Williams may have thought that their relationship was over since the divorce papers were signed years ago, but now Kordell is coming out with a book that could be hurtful to Porsha. He has written a tell-all book about his life called Truth: The Kordell Stewart Story, and one can imagine that he talks about his one-year long marriage to Porsha. In addition, he discusses the rumors about his sexuality, as Williams kept trying to convince the world that he is gay.

While Porsha Williams hasn't said much about this new book, Kordell was more than willing to talk as he sat down with Steve Harvey this week, where he revealed that he had no regrets about appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and had no regrets about first getting married to Williams. The interesting thing is that he feels he saved Porsha when they met.

"When we were about to get married she had lost her daycare [business], and I was there for her, and I wanted to be that rock to make sure she understood that it's gonna be alright; don't worry about it. I loved my ex-wife," Kordell explains to Steve Harvey, adding, "[But] that's old and that's over with."


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Stewart wants people to know that Williams had nothing when they met one another. As he points out, she had just lost her business, and he has previously revealed that she had debt on a home that he helped her get rid of. But he also points out that Porsha was possibly saved by The Real Housewives of Atlanta, as it gave her a platform to make her own money.

"She came in with a tough situation and then she came out with the Atlanta Housewives show, with making five to six figures – something more than she's ever had," he explains, saying that Porsha Williams had plenty of money after their divorce. "So when people say 'I ran her off'; 'she left with nothing' – she left with a lot."

Even though their marriage only lasted for about a year, Kordell was more than willing to stick it out with Porsha Williams when he said his vows and his "I do." But things changed in the marriage, and it sounds like Kordell feels as if his wife changed after they got married. Williams was no longer the person he had married.

"When it comes to the institution of marriage, I think it is the highest levels in the Super Bowl of a relationship," Stewart explains, sharing that he did see that with Williams when they first met. "And you have that someone that you say, you know what, 'I want to be with you for the rest of my life' – you know, breath stink and all, I want to just be with you forever."

Even though Stewart said that he wasn't interested in throwing any shade, he can't help himself as he says one negative thing about Porsha.

"Even though that was a rocky road, that was a lesson for me in this life," he ends the interview. "I want a woman, Steve. I don't want a child that's trying to play the role of a woman."


What do you think about this new book? Do you think he wrote it just to hurt Porsha Williams?

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