Dottie Sandusky Can Still Benefit From Close To $1 Million In Husband’s Retirement Money

Dottie Sandusky may have her husband in prison for life after being convicted of sexually molesting 10 boys, but she will still be able to benefit from close to $1 million that he has already received in retirement funds.

The Pennsylvania’s public employee retirement system has said that Jerry Sandusky will get to keep more than $900,000 in state pension payments he received he retired from Penn State University in 1999, The Associated Press reported. The state forefiture law prohibits the retirement system from taking back money that had been paid out before the date of a plea or conviction, the report noted.

Dottie Sandusky has not been spending a quiet retirement away from the scandal her husband created. Both she and Jerry Sandusky have been writing letters about the former Penn State assistant coach’s victims, labeling them as liars and demanding that they be investigated.

In the letters, Dottie Sandusky even blames their adopted son Matt for the former’s downfall, reported CNN. In the letter she wrote that if investigated, the victims “would no longer be these poor, innocent people as portrayed.”


With Jerry Sandusky in prison, that likely means that his wife Dottie Sandusky will be able to retire comfortably on whatever might be left of the money. Neither will be able to benefit from Jerry’s $59,000 annual pension, which was taken away after his conviction and sentenced for the Penn State child abuse scandal, for which he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Sandusky’s lawyer says the former Penn State assistant football coach plans to fight to keep his pension.