‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Kimberly McCullough, Ingo Rademacher, And Parry Shen Will Return To Port Charles Soon-What Will They Be Up To? [Spoilers]

It is always exciting to have some old favorites return to General Hospital and viewers of the ABC soap are about to get a surprise times three. Kimberly McCullough, Ingo Rademacher, and Parry Shen are all making a comeback very soon. What is bringing them back to Port Charles?

Much to the delight of longtime fans who have watched little Robin Scorpio grow up on General Hospital, McCullough will be paying a visit to Port Charles once again. According to Soaps She Knows, her return air date will be October 27, just in time for the Halloween party. There is no word yet on whether she will bring along her daughter Emma, who is also a favorite on the soap. However, Patrick is definitely not showing up as actor Jason Thompson is busy with The Young and the Restless.

No doubt that she will be having an amazing visit with her mom, Anna Devane. It is always a delight to have this mother/daughter team on-screen together. However, Robin’s appearance may be more than just a visit with family. While it has not yet been revealed exactly why she is coming back to her old stomping grounds on General Hospital, there are some speculations that maybe Robin will be helping Dr. Finn with his medical research to find a cure for his deadly disease.

Robin is considered an expert in the field of medical research, so this scenario is definitely a good possibility. Or it could be that she is returning to help Sonny Corinthos deal with the loss of his son Morgan. These two friends have a history together, so she may have gotten word about Morgan’s death and that is the reason that she shows up. Whatever the reason is for this all-time favorite to return, most viewers will be happy to see her.

Jax is planning on making his way back as well, but it looks like fans will have to wait until November to see him on air, as also reported by Soaps She Knows. The Australian hunk had posted a short and sweet post on Instagram announcing that he is back on set. He has also been a favorite on General Hospital. Viewers had last seen this character in August when he came to Port Charles to reprimand his ex-wife, Carly, for pursuing Josslyn’s kidney donor, despite the fact that their daughter objected to it.

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By the looks of his last visit, many suspected that Jax had something to do with getting that kidney from Nelle Hayes. He assumed that Nelle was leaving town and was not a threat, so he may get wind of her still in Port Charles and will come back to deal with it. Little does he know that Nelle has wormed her way into being Carly’s assistant, Avery’s part-time nanny, and is now a comforting companion to Sonny. How far will she go before Jax gets back into town?

Another character that hasn’t been seen for a while is lab tech Brad Cooper. He is putting his white coat back on and heading back soon, as revealed by Soap Central. Does this mean that General Hospital will be opening its doors once again? Many have been wondering where he has been lately. He and his groom, Lucas Jones, got married at Alexis and Julian’s house weeks ago and they haven’t been seen since. They must have been on an ultra-extended honeymoon or something. There is no word yet on whether Brad will be alone or if Lucas will be returning as well. Maybe the couple moved away and didn’t tell anyone about it. No official date has been set on when Brad will make his way back on-screen.

There are some current story lines that need to be revealed and tied up, so these three may just be returning in order to do so. Maybe someone else will unexpectedly pop up that hasn’t been seen in a while. You just never know.

Who are you looking forward to seeing back on General Hospital? Is there another character that you would like to see return as well?

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