‘Westworld’ Spoilers: Behind-The-Scenes Of HBO’s New Hit Show

HBO has just kindly gifted us with Westworld spoilers for Episode 4, hot on the back of Episode 3 of Season 1. In this Westworld spoiler video, Dolores is asked by Bernard to track down the center of a maze, which you may remember being mentioned in previous episodes. If Dolores can find the center of the maze, she may be able to free herself completely, which you can sense is a strong urge she feels when she says, “I think I want to be free,” with tears brimming in her eyes.

Towards the end of this video, we see a huge and rather ominous looking machine digging deep into Westworld. Are they building new territory there? What is the purpose of this? We also see Dr. Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins, dishing out some menacing lines.

“We know everything about our guests, as we know everything about our employees, so I will ask you nicely. Don’t get in my way.”

Who is Dr. Ford addressing when he says this?

Ratings for Westworld have been phenomenal to date. Twelve million people have viewed the Episode 1 premiere, and it continues to do better than the debuts for both True Detective and Game of Thrones. J.J. Abrams, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have really put together a brilliant show with a completely new spin on the original 1973 film that was written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton.

For those new to either the original film or the new television series, in the amusement park atmosphere of Westworld there are newcomers, also known as guests, that pay large sums of money in exchange for a vacation in a land where any crime they contemplate can be acted upon freely, without any fear of repercussion. After all, when they pull a gun on that android, also known as a host, the android isn’t meant to feel anything.

This completely unlimited freedom allows the newcomers to take out all of their frustrations on the hosts and enact any fantasies that they so desire. However, as accurately noted by critic Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone, at times some of the scenes seem like “satire of the American male psychosis at its most demented.” Instead of the playful shooting scenes in Western saloons from the 1973 film, we now have brutal scenes where men are trying to force themselves upon incredibly lifelike female android hosts.

Red carpet premiere of Westworld
James Marsden, Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan and Jeffrey Wright at Westworld premiere. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Witness Episode 3, when Dolores is grabbed by her hair once again and forcibly dragged into a barn, only to be thrown onto a bale of hay. Here she finally realizes she has a choice. Does she listen to the newcomer who is threatening her or does she decide to exercise control and rid herself of this man? In a decisive gesture, she suddenly pulls the trigger while she is being taunted and the newcomer falls to the ground dead. We have already been sympathizing with the hosts and their naïve confusion and conflicting emotions as they struggle to grapple with the truth of their situation (witness Dolores’ father), but we are now fully on the side of these androids and want them to succeed at discovering what their place in this world really is.

Jonathan Nolan has joked that what we have seen so far is all leading up to quite a big plotline in future episodes.

“You begin to realize that something darker and deeper is afoot in the park. The question being, are the hosts coming alive? Or are they being manipulated by someone else for ends we don’t necessarily know yet?”

Episode 4 of Westworld will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday, October 23.

Are you enjoying Westworld and the spoilers? What do you think of the show so far?

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