July 1, 2017
'Pawn Stars' News: Chumlee's Candy On The Boulevard Already Reducing Hours And Corey Harrison Ties The Knot!

Although the new season of Pawn Stars is currently on the air, some of the stars of the show have been making experiencing some big life milestones. Chumlee has made some changes in his business venture, and Corey Harrison has recently tied the knot! What are the details?

Two weeks ago, Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard had an official "soft opening," but already, the Pawn Stars favorite goofball has adjusted the store hours of the candy shop to now be open only during the peak hours when he is there to bag up goodies and say hi to fans.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported the reduction of hours from 11-8 to 12-5, Wednesday through Sunday. Yet, according to the official website of the World Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, "Chumlee is working at the store most days from 12-4."

Fans should be aware that this is a warning that the Pawn Stars celebrity and owner of the shop is not guaranteed to be at the shop every day. Clearly, Chum does realize that his shining celebrity is a huge incentive for fans to bear the mid-day Las Vegas heat, and venture downtown to Pawn Plaza, to pick up some treats, and personally meet the affable reality star. Obviously, he wants fans to feel satisfied that their trip was worth the extra effort.


The Inquisitr recently reported that the opening delay was due to required paperwork and bureaucracy, but the candy store is finally opened! Along with his younger brother Sage, Chumlee has put together a dream collection of candy for old time candy aficionados. There is old-style soda, all sorts of taffy, candy cigarettes, jelly beans, and he even has the Old Man's Special Brew coffee. This speciality coffee, made specifically for Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard by Colorado River Coffee Roasters, boasts of chocolate, light citrus, caramel and hazelnut notes, promising "full bodied sweetness."


So, what has Chumlee been doing now that his store hours are cut? He is pumping iron! Chumlee and his childhood friend, and Pawn Stars costar, Corey Harrison, have been very public about their individual battles of the bulge, but both chose to lose weight using different methods. Last year, Chumlee admitted that he needed to drop a few pounds that he regained, but his doctor told him not to stress out about it, and make it about healthy changes. Working out, along with eating right should help him reach his goal weight.

As of now, there has not been a confirmation on whether a new season of Pawn Stars will be commence filming in September. As the show is shot between 6-6, this could certainly affect Chumlee's presence at his new candy store. The candy store is conveniently located across the parking lot from where he films the History Channel show, so Chumlee could certainly run over to his shop at Pawn Plaza and say hi to fans between takes, or on his break.During his film break from Pawn Stars, Corey Harrison has made a huge move: he has tied the knot with his fiancé Kiki Nejo! The reality star officially married his love on May 26. The nuptials took place in San Diego, the bride's hometown. The partying has not stopped, as last weekend, the couple celebrated in Vegas with family and friends. Congratulations!
So what's new at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop? Rick Harrison shared on social media that Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on the iconic 60s sitcom, The Munsters, stopped by the shop.


What about the other star of Pawn Stars? Fans of the old man, Richard Harrison, will delight in seeing him in the shop. Rick Harrison posted a photo of his dad, and pointed out that he still showed up for work despite the triple digit heat!


Have you been in Chumlee's new candy store? Are you hoping for a new season of Pawn Stars?

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