Giant Eyeball Washes Up On Florida’s Pompano Beach

A massive eyeball from an unidentified sea creature washed ashore on Florida’s Pompano Beach on Wednesday. No one knows what species the softball-sized eyeball could be from, but, whatever sea creature it is, it must be big enough to have eyeballs that barely fit in the palm of two hands.

There are some possibilities that are being discussed including that the eyeball comes from a giant squid, another large fish, or perhaps a whale, reports WPTV.

A man discovered the eyeball while walking the beach on Wednesday and promptly reported it to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Carli Segelson, a spokeswoman for the commission, stated:

“He was walking along the beach and found it and thought it looked like something cool.”

The Huffington Post notes that Segelson added, “This is definitely an unusual situation, where an eye would be found independent of any other body part.”

Normally South Florida beaches, like other beaches across the world, contain sea shells, starfish, crabs, the occasional seagull, and even a shark tooth here and there, but the discovery of the massive unidentified eyeball is definitely unusual.

The beach stroller, whose name has not been released, handed the giant blue and purple eyeball off to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Wednesday. It has since been put on ice and will soon be shipped to the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Staffers there hope to identify the eyeball there, but Segelson warned that “it will probably take a while to identify the eye.”

Do you have any idea what creature this giant eyeball came belongs to? Sound off in the comments below!