Moniece Slaughter Sex Tape: Ray J And Princess Love React Amid Wedding On ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’

In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Jason Lee claims to have a Moniece Slaughter sex tape, and he provides some proof in this week’s episode.

In the studio with Max, Brandi, Ray J, and Princess Love, Jason Lee shows the sex tape video of Moniece Slaughter and a rapper.

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While you can’t see any of the graphic material, some of the audio is played in the background as some of the cast members watch the Moniece Slaughter tape.

While Moniece enemies Princess Love and Brandi mock the singer, Ray J and Max were not too pleased.

Ray J decides to leave the room when Jason Lee starts playing the tape, and he calls the act “corny” and “wack.”

Ray suggest that the tape is inappropriate because he knows Moniece’s mother; however, Princess Love rebukes Ray J and suggest that he should take her side.

Ray J reveals that he is not friends with Moniece, but he doesn’t support her private sex life being exposed due to his experience with the Kim Kardashian sex tape that went viral.

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Brandi states that she does not feel guilty due to Moniece lying about her family.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Max then says that he will tell Lil Fizz about the tape, but he wants Moniece to apologize.

Ray J and Princess are having more marriage trouble in the meantime. Ray’s mother is still having doubts, and Princess fears that her influence will rub off on her fiancé.

Max sympathizes with Lil Fizz because they both have children who will be affected by the sex tape if it is ever released.


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During Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J doesn’t come home and is having second thoughts about the marriage because he feels that Princess is trying to dictate how and when he works.

On the other hand, Princess feels that Ray J’s old behavior is returning, and she is also having second thoughts about their wedding.

Lil Fizz has a sit down with Jason Lee to try and stop the release of the tape. Moniece walks in on the meeting right after Jason reveals that the person she made the tape with has it.

Blogger Jason Lee claims that he is just the messenger and therefore, should not be shot down.

Moniece has threatened all parties involved with legal action, but Jason claims that he has not done anything illegal.

During Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, neither Moniece or Jason mention the name of the rapper in the sextape.

Moniece ends the meeting with legal threats and states that she will get the rapper’s name thorough her attorney.

Some fans speculate that the person in the sextape is Tank… even though he is not a rapper.

The rumor originates from an interview in which Tank reveals that he had relations with Moniece. He also accuses her of stalking him and being willing to sleep with his friends.

In an interview published by Black America Web, Moniece revealed whether she has spoken to Tank since.

“No, I have not spoken to Tank. He has not reached out to me. I’ve spoken to several of our family and friends who know him and have spoken to him, and everyone just kind of seems to be on the same page. I’ve been in the same space with him, been at the same events and parties several times in the past ten years and never has there been an issue. I haven’t spoken to him and I have no intentions on speaking to him.”

Moniece also reveals that she was pregnant by Tank, and she says the following confirming the rumor.

“That is true. I was and he said in the interview that I called him three days later, but it had actually been months since we had spoken to one another, and I wouldn’t want to have a baby by someone who treats women this way.”

Do you think Moniece Slaughter sex tape will be released?

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