October 18, 2016
'All PokeDex' Leak And Data Mine For 'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Demo Arrive Online

On Tuesday, the Nintendo eShop officially released the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo for download to the masses. It had first been announced for Europe but North America was soon able to access the demo. The new Pokemon Nintendo 3DS demo was said to have taken up a whopping 3.2 gigabytes of space to install, which was more than any previous game demo. In addition to a glimpse at the gameplay for the two upcoming 3DS titles, it also brought with it a data mine and All PokeDex leak online. Be aware that spoilers may be on the way for what the official games will contain on November 18.

The IGN website reported that three YouTube videos revealed the various details for the new Pokemon games. A YouTube member named Kaphotics was said to have posted the videos which include a look at the newest Pokemon that are available as well as some new sprites and monsters. In particular, the sketches for the starter evolutions of Rowlet, Litten, and Poplin that leaked months ago appear to have been confirmed through the data mine.

Another cool aspect revealed by the data mine could be that Pikachu gets even stronger as the data leak showed off an Ash-Pikachu wearing Ash's various hats. Also mentioned by IGN, the demo has a special Greninja which has the Ability Battle Bond and can turn into an Ash-Greninja while it is battling in the game. Apparently, the leaked data mine that came out has shown that this Ash-Greninja base form's stats outdo those of the regular form.

So what else was revealed through the YouTuber Kaphotics' data mine? There may be eight total Ultra Beasts which raises some interesting questions about surprises that the Alola "Island Challenge" holds. Remember that other Pokemon games include eight gyms and eight badges, so this could tie into the latest edition as well.

Pokemon Sun And Moon for Nintendo 3DS game system
Pokemon Sun and Moon games arrived for Nintendo 3DS on November 18. [Image by Handout/Getty Images]

One of the data mine videos also shows off the legendary characters Solgaleo and Lunala next to what could be pre-evolutions. This may indicate that there is some sort of ability to breed legendary offspring in the brand new Pokemon games. Another tidbit that was revealed is that all confirmed and leaked Alolan forms are of first-generation Pokemon. These include Diglett, Dugtrio, and the Geodude line with a volcanic rock-like look. That's definitely an interesting aspect of what gamers will see when these official titles arrive in mid-November.

With the big release came plenty of people happy about the new demo as they finally got a first look and try at the new gameplay. There were also those individuals who were a bit disappointed by the data mining that was easily performed with the demo. As seen in one of the Twitter replies to Pokemon's account seen below, some users weren't too happy that more wasn't done to safeguard the secrets that these demos contained.

That particular Twitter user's sentiments were echoed by others, hoping that maybe the game creators did safeguard the data.
If the data mine leak wasn't enough, there was also an alleged leak of all the PokeDex from the Alola region today. The Heavy website first reported this big news, saying that the PokeDex leak came via 4chan. They mention that the Alolan PokeDex starts with the Caterpie and all of its evolutions. There were several newer Pokemon that were also specifically mentioned for the Alola region's PokeDex including Kanto (87), Johto (30), Hoenn (33), Sinnoh (29), Unova (28), and Kalos (14).

The data leaks also revealed from an anonymous 4chan user that there will be new features released for Pokemon Sun and Moon demo players on specific dates. These features will be available on October 19, 23, and 30, with two more feature releases on November 5 and 11. The latter of those dates is exactly one week before the official games will release for Nintendo 3DS gamers.

So Pokemon fans, what did you think of the brand new Pokemon Sun and Moon demo that was released on Tuesday? Also, do you think the data mine and leaks revealed all the major secrets or did the game creators throw some other big surprises in that will arrive with the games in November?

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]