Donald Trump Twitter Attack: Republican Nominee Claims Election Is ‘Rigged,’ Blames Hillary Clinton

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump took to Twitter again on Monday, claiming that his loss in popularity may be due to something crooked behind the scenes. This likely comes in response to allegations that he inappropriately touched women other than Melania in previous years.

Trump’s family has come forward, most prominent of which being his namesake son, to tell the world that Donald isn’t like that at all.

Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is often populated by things he probably didn’t think through before he posted them. As a result, he is often deleting the ones that make him look bad and bring a hailstorm of media coverage.

Trump might even be doing that deliberately, as many celebrities have used shock value to gain the public’s attention. Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) did it, Miley Cyrus did it, John “Ozzy” Osbourne did it, and it’s been effective for them all.

Unfortunately, it might be working against him as a presidential hopeful, since political mud-slinging is often the norm and Hillary Clinton has plenty of ammunition using Trump’s own words. His derogatory words about Mexican immigrants, Muslims, women, and Black Lives Matter have dragged him down in the public opinion.

All Hillary Clinton has going against her at this point are unreleased government emails, which allegedly cover a variety of topics such as Benghazi and alleged deals with the media to destroy other candidates. The latter is part of what Donald Trump’s Twitter statement appears to be attacking, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reuters says Trump also delivered a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which further pointed out how Hillary Clinton is allegedly fixing the votes. He believes the whole voting system is fraudulent and will result in him losing if “corrupt” officials don’t stop what he claims is happening.

The truth is that voters aren’t directly voting for a presidential nominee. They’re voting for an election officer who may allegedly change their mind and vote for the opposition. This means that if voters choose Hillary in Arizona, for example, election officers in Arizona might still support Trump or vice versa.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is a Republican, and not happy with what Donald Trump’s Twitter statement alleges.

“I’m a little frustrated when candidates try to distract the public’s attention by blaming the technical side of the elections process rather than focus on the meat and potatoes of what Americans really want to hear about. My colleagues in other states, I believe, are of the same opinion. Perception can become reality. If you keep being told over and over and over that something is hacked even though it isn’t, some people might start believing that. So yes, I do take it seriously.”

Trump supporter Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State, has stated that Donald Trump’s Twitter words are “irresponsible.” “This kind of conversation moves America backward, and it should be dismissed. Don’t make people feel despair. Make them feel uplifted.”

The Republican nominee cited Pew Trusts research from 2012, stating that 24 million voter registrations were inaccurate.

Campaign lawyer Chris Ashby has stated that Donald Trump’s Twitter and Green Bay statements about voter fraud could cause unrest among voters. Ashby claims Trump might lose by default due to people who support him not trusting the system and letting Clinton win.

What do you think? Is voting rigged, or is Trump treading upon dangerous ground which could cost him the election?

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