Lemmy Lives! Conspiracy Theorist Claims Motorhead Man Made A Blood Pact With The Illuminati In Return For Eternal Life

Motorhead’s legendary frontman has not even been dead and buried for a year, but already the “Lemmy Lives” conspiracy theories have started to surface — one in particular claims the rock icon made a “blood sacrifice pact” with the Illuminati in return for eternal life.

Depending on who you talk to, Elvis Presley still tends to the grounds at Graceland as an anonymous landscape gardener, Jim Morrison is chilling as a hobo on the streets of New York, Kurt Cobain is doing the odd performance of classic Nirvana songs on Peruvian talent shows, and Tupac Shakur is very much alive and obsessed with posting selfies of himself online.

Yet the second act in the lives of all these famous rock stars and rappers pale in comparison to what Lemmy is said to have done after he disappeared from public view.

Apparently the Jack Daniels guzzling, chain-smoking party animal didn’t shuffle off this mortal coil and purchase a one way ticket to the great gig in the sky on December 28 a few days after celebrating his 70th birthday, but “ascended into the heavenly realm” after making a “blood sacrifice pact” with the Illuminati.

Talk about overkill! Has one of rock n’ roll’s great demonic figures finally became an angel?

Well, according to a conspiracy theorist who describes himself as an “Illuminati watcher.”

The Daily Star reports that, according to the “Watcher,” the man born by the name of Ian Kilmister didn’t die of prostrate cancer in December of last year, because he was an “ascended master” who sold his eternal soul to the devil in order to wallow like a high hog in fame and fortune for a short time.


Confused? You will be.

Here’s how the “Watcher” describes it.

“Lemmy signed up for the ultimate pact – he signed his soul to the devil in order to achieve fame and fortune.

“Now just like every other celebrity that we talk about that could be involved in the infamous blood sacrifice pact, I’m not trying to take away from his skills or his abilities or talent.

“I’m just saying that the game…is rigged and you have to sign over in order to get the access to the high profile celebrity status.

“…Francis Bacon and even maybe Tupac Shakur have become ascended masters.

“They die but they don’t really die. They actually make it and ascend into the heavenly realm.”

Apparently, Motorhead’s most recognized track, the Ace of Spades, is a homage to Lemmy’s pact with the horned one of the seventh torment.

Lyrics such as “Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil, going with the flow, it’s all a game to me,” suggest to the “Watcher” that the gravelly-voiced whiskey drinking frontman was pretty much saying, “Behold, I am a son of Satan.”

“These lyrics suggest that Lemmy is saying, ‘look I signed a deal with the devil, I’m just going with the flow trying to get into this music game.'”

Additionally, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry were all privy to Lemmy’s soul-selling ways. How? Because when their supergroup The Hollywood Vampires took to the stage to pay homage to the mutton-chopped metal god at this year’s Grammy Awards, their version of Ace of Spades was a salute to that fact that the rebel rocker has fulfilled his contract with Lucifer and moved on.

“So now we’re seeing this high profile ritual at the Grammys where they’re saying he has moved on. He has fulfilled the contract.”

According to the theory, a character such as Lemmy would have normally been snubbed by such a high-profile and mainstream event like the Grammys, unless he was one of the Devil’s own.

Somewhere, somehow, Lemmy is laughing and laughing loud.


[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]