Brad Pitt Leaves Sons ‘Absolutely Crushed’ After Canceling Concert Date Due To Security Concerns

Brad Pitt was left with no choice but to cancel his concert date with sons Pax and Maddox at the last minute. The 52-year-old was reportedly advised by his security team to not push through with his plans because photographers might hound them in the venue.

“Brad intended on taking the boys too. But at the last-minute by recommendations from his security team, Brad thought it best to stay home, leaving the boys absolutely crushed,” claimed a Hollywood Life insider.

The concert was of punk bands Offspring and Sublime, and it took place at the Irvine Meadows Ampitheater in Los Angeles. The tickets had been booked months ago, but Brad and Angelina Jolie’s divorce apparently affected the family’s plans.

The insider went on to say that the Jolie-Pitt kids are still struggling to understand what’s happening between their parents.

“The boys are young and are having a hard time understanding everything that is happening with their parents. They want to know why they can’t just carry on with life normally. They are sad and confused but at least have been able to spend more time with Brad lately and that has been good for all of them.”

Of the Jolie-Pitt kids, Shiloh is reportedly taking Brad and Angelina’s divorce the hardest, for she’s always been a daddy’s girl. Shiloh is allegedly urging her mom to reunite with Brad.

Shiloh with Angelina and Zahara

The World War Z actor is having a tough time as well with accepting the changes in the family. It is believed that Brad is eager to have a final custody arrangement with Angelina. However, it does not mean that he will just accept any arrangement, for he wants to have an equal custody.

Allegations have surfaced that Angelina filed for divorce because she wanted to protect the kids from Brad. The Fight Club actor has temporary permission to visit the kids as long as the visits remain monitored.

Brad and Angelina’s temporary custody agreement is in effect until October 20. The agreement permits Brad to have monitored visits of his children. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars have likewise agreed to undergo both individual and group counselling. Brad volunteered to be tested for drug and alcohol even if the agreement did not require him to do so.

Some claim that Brad is merely being painted in a bad light, but at the end of the day, his love for the kids remains. Brad was allegedly blindsided, for he only found out that Angelina wanted a divorce a few days before she filed for the dissolution of their marriage.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt file divorce

An Entertainment Tonight source claims it’s sad how issues about Brad are being exaggerated. The actor reportedly advised their friends not to say anything demeaning about Angelina.

“He will only say positive things about [the] mother [of his children. He has also made it clear to friends to not say anything negative about her. He continues to hope that there is an amicable resolution in the interest of the kids.”

Meanwhile, the couple’s former bodyguard, Mark Billingham, recently opened up about his 18-month experience guarding the kids. As reported by US Weekly, Brad and Angelina’s biggest fear is that their children might be kidnapped. The pair cannot help but be cautious of the people who come near their children.

While Mark was allowed to bring in extra people for the team, Brad and Angelina would only allow them to watch the children from a distance. He said that the couple trusted him so much that he was granted permission to take the kids anywhere. The security officer resigned, as he wanted to focus on his own six kids.

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