Bill O’Reilly Thinks Donald Trump Can Still Beat Hillary Clinton In Presidential Election

Bill O’Reilly started off The O’Reilly Factor tonight giving his analysis of the state of the presidential campaign. He noted that Trump was down in most of the polls, but certainly not out.

“With three weeks remaining, that gap can be closed and there are a few things that Trump must do. He must put aside the feuding. It gets him nowhere with voters to take on people like Rep. Paul Ryan,” O’Reilly said, adding that while Trump must defend himself against charges he believes are slanderous, he needs to quickly dispatch those charges.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

O’Reilly says that Trump needs to concentrate on three themes — a stagnant economy, illegal immigration, and chaos overseas. He says the Wikileaks stuff will give Trump plenty of ammo for Wednesday night’s debate.

“As for Hillary Clinton, she’s off the campaign trail this week, resting up for the debate. That’s smart — she’s ahead, but she can’t sit on her lead if Donald Trump wins the debate,” O’Reilly said about Trumps biggest target, adding that her best strategy in the Las Vegas debate is to talk directly to the voters and try and convince them that she is not corrupt.

O’Reilly believes the election pretty much comes down to four states — Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. He says that Trump needs to take three of those four and win the usual Republican red states in the West. He added something that a lot of people have been saying: Hillary Clinton is in a better position right now, but things can change fast.

Hillary Clinton Wikileaks

Wikileaks has released a lot of disturbing information about Clinton’s campaign, but there are fears that they will release something really damaging in the near future. Perhaps that will be harder now that Wikileaks leader Julian Assange had his internet access cut. BBC News has all the information.

“Wikileaks says that Ecuador has shut down internet access for its founder Julian Assange. The transparency activist has been claiming asylum at London’s Ecuadorean embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition over sex assault allegations.”

The article adds that there was no immediate way to verify if Assange had indeed been knocked offline and, if he was, what the motivation would be. As one can predict, many think the Clinton campaign had something to do with it.

As Bill O’Reilly noted in his show, many believe this campaign has been just one personal attack after another. O’Reilly thinks that all these attacks have weakened both candidates, and that people — for the first time in his life — are mostly voting against one of the candidates rather than for one of them.

O’Reilly then had special guest Charles Krauthammer speak about the current presidential events.

“I think what’s remarkable about both candidates is how well known they are. You go back over the last few election cycles — were there a lot of people who knew about Romney? John McCain? John Kerry?”

Krauthammer added that both candidates have been around for years and have name recognition above 90 percent. Although he believes there is not much either candidate can do to win over new voters, he thinks Trump has an advantage with the stuff from Wikileaks.

O’Reilly told Krauthammer that most of the Wikileaks stuff isn’t about Hillary Clinton; it’s about her campaign manager John Podesta. There is no video or audio of Hillary Clinton actually saying anything damaging.

It will be interesting to see what Trump brings up in Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas, especially as it is being hosted by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Do you think Donald Trump still has a chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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