Joe Biden Attacked By Donald Trump In Tweet Of Video Depicting Him As A ‘Groping’ Vice President

Vice President Joe Biden is now being targeted by Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The billionaire is attempting to divert attention away from his own scandal with the barrage of women accusing him of sexual assault by attacking Biden.

On Monday, Trump tweeted a video of Joe Biden being touchy with women over his years in office as the vice president. The tweet links to New York’s 710 WOR iHeartRadio, which had a YouTube video consisting of numerous scenes of Biden being friendly and affectionate towards women in public settings.

The video is titled, “Watch Joe Biden’s Long History Of Grabbing, Kissing and Groping Women Who Are Cringing.” It can be seen below.

The Joe Biden video has mood music of a 1970s disco theme that could be easily envisioned in a porn flick. Ironically, the video starts with Biden being greeted by Hillary Clinton on an airport runway. They hug, but he holds the embrace a little longer than expected. In the images following, Biden is hugging, touching, massaging, and whispering to many women.

In one scene, Joe Biden is whispering in the ear of a senator’s daughter during his swearing-in ceremony. He also flirts with the mother of a senator in another clip. The video includes women of all ages that the vice president is making some sort of physical contact with.

Daily Mail detailed a few of the incidents that were referenced in the Joe Biden “groping” video.

The headline of the video that Donald Trump tweeted was for the swearing in of Delaware Senator Chris Coons, who took over Biden’s seat. After the vice president placed his hands on the shoulder of Coons’ daughter and whispered in Maggie Coons’ ear, it sparked a reaction. Senator Coons was actually asked if his wife thought Joe Biden was “creepy” during his guest appearance on Fox News Sunday, to which he replied she did not.

Biden was quite affectionate with the wife of defense secretary, Ash Carter, during his swearing-in ceremony. He whispered in Stephanie Carter’s ear during the ceremony. Ash Carter shrugged off the incident with humor.

“Oh, I laughed. I laughed. I laughed,” Carter told the Today. ‘They know each other extremely well, and we’re great friends with the Bidens.”

President Obama has even joked about Joe Biden’s affectionate ways.

“Joe rubs my shoulders too,” Obama said at the 2015 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. “I just wanted everybody to know. He does. It’s not bad, it feels pretty good. I don’t let him give me a pedicure, but …”

Biden is a strong advocate against sexual violence against women. He signed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in the United States Congress. It was legislation that took domestic violence and sexual assault in the nation more seriously. Additionally, he appointed the first White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, Lynn Rosenthal.

Donald Trump has denounced all sexual assault allegations against him. He calls them complete “fabrications” and “outright lights.”

While it may seem Donald Trump is clinging to life in the polls, he’s within striking distance in at least three battle ground states. CNN reported in its broadcast Monday that Trump is nearly even with Hillary Clinton in Nevada at 44 percent to Clinton’s 46 percent among likely voters. It’s a tight race in North Carolina with Clinton at 48 percent and Trump at 47 percent. In Ohio, Trump is leading at 48 percent and Clinton is at 44 percent.

Donald Trump’s tweet of the Joe Biden video has nearly 10K retweets.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]