Thomas ‘TC’ Clay: Gospel Sensation Dead — Yes, It’s True [Updated]

Antonio J. Newell - Author

Oct. 25 2016, Updated 5:49 a.m. ET

Thomas Clay’s death has shaken the gospel community. It’s mysterious, sudden, heart-breaking, and, unfortunately, real.

Thomas was known as a powerful vessel of God. Clay’s music was changing lives left and right, day in and day out.

[Update: October 19, 1:20 p.m. EST]

It seems that singer Jazmine Sullivan has unwittingly put Thomas Clay on blast, after his death.

In an unfortunate eulogy, while Sullivan might have thought she was paying her condolences to the late gospel singer, a show of vanity didn’t allow her to see just how off-putting her words were to the public.

In essence, Thomas Clay approached Sullivan numerous times, according to Jazmine. And, she braggingly shot him down each time by ignoring him.

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Yet, it’s after finally listening to him sing and in his death that she realizes the opportunity she missed.

However, here’s where things went sour for Sullivan regarding the Thomas Clay backlash.

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“I know you still got a crush on me in heaven.”

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If you’re interested in reading the full eulogy, it’s located below. Since the super backlash began, Jazmine has deleted the Thomas Clay post from her profile.

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Thomas Clay’s Mystery Death

According to Praise 106.1, Thomas was found dead in his hotel room over the weekend. To add to this misfortune, Clay’s cause of death is unknown at the moment.

When news first broke that Thomas Clay had died, it was shunned as a rumor. Understandably, there are tons of death rumors on a daily basis regarding celebrities.

To the Thomas’ family and friends’ dismay — as well as that of the gospel community — the rumors are, indeed, true.

Various industry friends have verified the death account as valid. One pastor, Jason Nelson, specifically confirmed everyone’s fears about Clay being dead. In a notable Facebook video, Pastor Nelson made the following statements.

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“I just confirmed, just a few moments ago, that he has indeed passed away. I’m just finding out about it because I’m currently in London…

…It’s a very very sad death of who I know to be an extremely bright star…immense talent…loved God. And, he loved his child very, very much…

…We don’t know exactly what happened, but it is confirmed today that Thomas Clay has passed.”

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Pastor Nelson says he was Clay’s spiritual mentor and pastor, so it’s hitting him just as hard as it’s affecting Thomas’ family and friends.

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“I would advise that you all take some time to pray…pray for him…pray for his family…

…And family, do me a favor. Instead of spreading rumors that are unsubstantiated, this is not the time to speculate or make assumptions. But this is a time for us to ensure that we’re not being ‘busy-bodies’ and not having our feet swift to spread information that is neither confirmed nor absolutely relevant at this time.”

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If you’d like to watch Thomas Clay’s pastor’s video in its entirety, it’s located below.

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Thomas Clay’s “I Wanna See It”

In one of Clay’s more recent performances, on September 2, he sang lyrics that stated he wanted to see God’s face and Heaven. It was a powerful performance. While singing, he ministered to those within the room, as well as to those watching via Facebook Live.

If you’re interested in Thomas Clay’s video, you can watch it below also.

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Even from this particular post, you can see that several people are mourning Thomas’ death, even as the video playback continues.

Thomas Clay’s Facebook

According to Clay’s Facebook profile, he lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and was originally from Wilmington, Delaware.

In Thomas Clay’s last two posts, he mentioned the difficulties of maintaining one’s temperament.

Thomas stated, “People just don’t get it.”

This is an ongoing story. The Inquisitr will update with more information as it becomes available. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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