WWE Raw: Fantasy Booking Bill Goldberg's Return And Survivor Series Appearance

First the first time in over 12 and a half years, Bill Goldberg will step in a WWE ring. It has been an even longer time since he competed on an episode of Raw. After months, even years, of rumors and anticipation, Goldberg has finally returned. This appearance is for the purpose of hyping up his all-but-confirmed match at Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar. The anticipation for the former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion is feverish, and hopefully, he is used much more properly than his abysmal run in 2003 and 2004.

Expecting this stint to be short-lived and lasting until Survivor Series, here is a way to book Goldberg until then.

On the previous Raw episode, Lesnar's agent, Paul Heyman, issued a challenge for Goldberg to compete against Lesnar. Particularly, since he is the only person - according to Heyman - who has a blemish on the career of "The Conqueror." Moments later, WWE read a tweet of Goldberg stating that he will answer the challenge live on Raw the following week.


According to Cageside Seats, this will not be a face-to-face confrontation, as Lesnar is not scheduled to appear on Raw until next week, October 24. Here is where Braun Strowman comes in.

For several weeks, Strowman has been plowing through competition, begging for more. In fact, he has forced General Manager Mick Foley to give him stronger opponents other than the enhancement talent fed to him. This week, Strowman can go through a couple more jobbers. He then grabs the microphone and threatens Foley that he is coming for him because he did not deliver on giving him stronger competition.

Braun Strowman plows through competition on WWE Raw
[Image by WWE]

As Strowman drops the mic and begins to exit the ring, Goldberg's music hits. The Denver crowd erupts as Goldberg walks to the ring for a showdown against Strowman. Goldberg enters the ring, and the two stare at each other on opposite corners of the ring, allowing the crowd and fans at home to soak it all in. This would be similar to the faceoff between Sting and Triple H at Survivor Series.

As Strowman steps toward Goldberg, he falls prey to a spear, which causes an even bigger ovation. Goldberg grabs the dropped microphone and says, "Brock Lesnar. You're next!," then proceeds to leave to ring and walk to the backstage area. The match is now set for November 20.

Bill Goldberg battles Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX
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Strowman, upset about the confrontation, seeks retribution and challenges Goldberg to a match at the Hell in a Cell pay per view. This would be a regular match, with no cell involved since the bout sells itself from Goldberg's first match back. Moreover, if Goldberg is booked to lose against Lesnar, a win against Strowman would build more steam and protect Goldberg heading into his match at Survivor Series. Therefore, Goldberg wins the match against Strowman.

So, the stage is set for Toronto, and the second installment of Goldberg vs. Lesnar occurs.

This match should not be as poorly-received and horribly exhibited as the first match. First, since many people are anticipating the match to see if Lesnar can finally be dethroned after a dominating run. Second, because the passion that Goldberg has for this match is significantly greater now than before, seeing how both combatants were heading out of WWE after WrestleMania XX. Third, and perhaps most importantly, Goldberg is doing this primary not for selfish reasons such as having a big bank account.

Goldberg has expressed in many interviews that if he does step back in the ring, it would be for his family. He married his wife Wanda a year after his last match, and his son Gage was born a couple of years later.

So, if anything, this one is for the Goldbergs.

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