‘Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Shocks Brooke, Steffy Changes Course, Donna Returns, And Quinn Stands Firm [Updated]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the week of October 17 will continue to be an intense one. Eric’s condition has improved, and everybody knows that he gave Quinn his power of attorney rather than Ridge, which has caused a great deal of strife. Steffy walked out on Wyatt and reunited with Liam, but there are shakeups on the way on this front. R.J.has been trying to keep Brooke from marrying Bill, but the lovebirds are facing a lot of pressure to hurry up and tie the knot. Where are things headed next?

R.J. has been pressuring Brooke to cancel her plans to tie the knot with Bill, but so far, she has tried to keep everybody happy without choosing sides. R.J. wants Ridge to try to put a stop to these plans, but, of course, Ridge is very motivated to see these nuptials happen as he wants Bill’s Forrester Creations shares. Interestingly, however, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Ridge may be on the brink of changing course when it comes to his relationship with Brooke as Soap Central indicates that Ridge and Brooke will be sharing a kiss soon. Will this cause her to hold back on moving ahead with her nuptials?

Eric has learned about Ridge’s antics regarding Quinn and the power of attorney and he is furious. Ridge is still pressuring his father to put him in charge of things both at home and at Forrester Creations, but so far, Eric has been adamant that he wants to see Quinn in charge. Quinn is making it clear that she is going to abide by her husband’s wishes and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that she will go to great lengths to protect him, even if it is primarily against his own son.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Eric will put Quinn and Wyatt in charge at Forrester Creations while he recovers. Naturally, this will leave the others quite riled up, and Quinn will be fairly giddy over the power that she now holds. Ridge apparently will go on to push Brooke to marry Bill as soon as possible, still angling to get those shares of Forrester Creations so he can regain control of the company. However, R.J.’s pressure on his father may have had an impact, as previews also show Brooke questioning Ridge about his feelings for her and this surely is related to the kiss the two are said to share.

Steffy told Liam that she wanted to be with him and they spent an intimate and romantic evening together celebrating their reunion. Wyatt will not be happy when he catches wind of how quickly this reunion has played out, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he’ll issue his estranged wife an ultimatum quite soon.

It isn’t clear quite yet what this ultimatum is or how he forces a change in Steffy’s decisions, but she is said to be overwhelmed by guilt related to all that Wyatt has been through in this mess. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Steffy does reunite with Wyatt before the week is over, a move that will surely generate a lot of chaos and heartbreak.

Donna is returning to Los Angeles during Thursday’s show for a special occasion, seemingly to watch Brooke and Bill wed, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that she will catch up with Bill about the potential setbacks in the plan. In addition, Eric is said to add someone new to the household.

Will Brooke move ahead with her marriage to Bill despite R.J.’s interference and the kiss with Ridge? What propels Steffy to reunite with Wyatt, and will this end her relationship with Liam once and for all? What comes next for Katie as she re-enters the picture, and can Eric and Quinn stay united against his family’s interference? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that plenty of drama is on the way, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.


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