‘Watch Dogs 2’ Multiplayer Reportedly Praised As The ‘Greatest Game Mode Ever’ Shows Ubisoft Is Listening To Gamers’ Criticisms In Producing Sequel [Video]

Gamers are anticipating the release of Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to the popular 2014 video game Watch Dogs, as its release is less than one month away. Untl then, the games developer and publisher, Ubisoft, has released many teasers of highlighted features to entice people to pick up the title. One such feature that is getting plenty of attention is the multiplayer, as it is reportedly praised as the “best game mode ever.” This shows that Ubisoft is truly listening to gamers’ criticisms when making the sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway

Before diving into the praises given about the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs 2, it is best to explain what Ubisoft incorporated into said multiplayer mode. According to Ubisoft, their seamless multiplayer mode is primarily cooperative in which players can meet and interact with other random players. They can explore the world and complete missions together which will assist players in gaining followers. Communication, which can be done through headset use, also includes an emote system (communication through basic gestures).

There is also several competitive multiplayer modes such as “Online Invasions” which is the one-versus-one competitive mode originally featured in the original Watch Dogs game. One player joins the single-player session of another player to install a virus on their DedSec system. The invading player must install said virus and escape while the defending player must find and kill the invading player. There is also a new mode known as “Bounty Hunter.” If a player causes too much chaos in his or her game, the mode will be initiated in which police along with one to three other players will join the original player’s game to find and kill him or her. Players can also manually place a bounty on their own head using their in-game smartphone.

Watch Dogs 2 - Co-Op (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
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Just recently, gaming editors were able to try out a pre-release build of Watch Dog 2’s multiplayer modes. According to a written article by IGN, it reports that two of their editors, Marty Sliva and Zachary Ryan, tested out the multiplayer detail inWatch Dogs 2 and called it “a blast.” Ryan detailed one of their exploits. From his detail, it seems epic.

“It just so happens that there was a GIANT crane with a suspended pallet in the middle of this particular compound. Marty hacked the crane, swung the pallet out over a river and dropped it down allowing me to hop on. He repositioned the crane over the compound, and now I had an eagle’s eye view of every enemy, attack dog and hackable terminal within. As Marty snuck into the compound on foot, I deployed a drone and tracked ahead of him, shorting out enemy earpieces, allowing him to take them out with stealth. Truly, a clear example of teamwork making the dream work. Once all the guards were dealt with, I hacked the front gate, climbed down the crane, and we jumped in the van and tore outta there, completing the mission.”

The initial report goes on to say that the multiplayer is “a blast,” but in a followup article written by Parent Herald, they report to even go as far as calling it the “best game mode ever.” At least on the gaming editorial end, Ubisoft is living up to their word of hearing out the criticisms gamers had for Watch Dogs and improving on them in the sequel. However, we will have to wait and see if the editorial hype lives up to gamer expectations.

Watch Dogs 2 will release worldwide on Tuesday, November 15, for the Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. There will be multiple editions of the game including standard, deluxe, gold, San Francisco, Wrench Jr. Robot Collector’s Pack, and The Return of DedSec Collector’s Case.

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