Bill O'Reilly Towers Above Megyn Kelly And Rachel Maddow In Cable News Ratings

This past week was a good ratings week for Megyn Kelly and rising star Rachel Maddow, but they didn't even come close to touching the all-time king of cable ratings, Bill O'Reilly. Say what you want about Mr. O'Reilly, but many consider him passionate about what he does, and Bill has been on top for more than 15 years.

When averaging ratings for the week at Showbuzz Daily, Bill O'Reilly averaged 3.51 million viewers per night compared to Kelly's 2.89 million and MSNBC superstar Rachel Maddow's 2.44 million.

Donald Trump appeared on The O'Reilly Factor Tuesday night in his first major interview since his vulgar language on an old Access Hollywood tape appeared on Friday. He was full of insults towards other Republicans and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump has increased his insults aimed at Hillary Clinton. [Image by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]

"We have been having a problem…Paul Ryan [Republican Speaker of House], you know — open borders, amnesty, and bad budgets — Frankly the only one Obama negotiates well with is Paul Ryan," Trump said in an obvious shout-back to Ryan refusing to support him anymore.

After Trump called Hillary Clinton "a disaster," O'Reilly told Trump he was down about seven percent in the polls and asked him how he's going to win back women who were offended by the Access Hollywood revelations from 2005. Trump dismissed his talking as "locker room talk" and said that this would be a stupid reason for him to lose the election.

Meanwhile, the next evening, Megyn Kelly analyzed the fallout from the Clinton campaigns hacked emails.

"As we first reported last night, the emails obtained by WikiLeaks were sent several years ago. Among those included on the exchanges, Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta and Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri — in these messages people of faith are insulted," Kelly told her viewers, adding that the emails between the two wanted the Catholic Church doctrine overthrown.

Megyn Kelly Hillary Clinton
Megyn Kelly is offended by the anti-religious remarks made by Hillary Clinton's campaign team. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

Megyn Kelly told the audience that the Clinton campaign thinks the emails are no big deal and blames the Russian government for the email hacks. She noted that the Trump campaign was very quick to pounce on the story.

Later in the show, Kelly moved on to email messages from Team Clinton that some accuse of being racist. She brought up an email from August of 2015 where Podesta sent out a message with the subject "Needy Latinos" aimed at Federico Peña (Bill Clinton's former Secretary of Transportation) and Bill Richardson (former New Mexico Governor), who Clinton needed to woo. Kelly pointed out that if Trump had done the same thing, there would be a huge outcry.

Rachel Maddow Donald Trump
Rachel Maddow can't get over Donald Trump's language on recent tapes from 'Access Hollywood.' [Image by David Ramos/Getty Images]

Rachel Maddow wasn't so nice when it comes to Donald Trump, especially on her Thursday evening show. She was still talking about the Trump tape from Access Hollywood that leaked a week before. She played a video clip from current Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, who claimed he has a lot of "Trump" on tape.

"I've interviewed Trump many times, been with him many times.There is tape that I have, Craig, my brother and I, have just started to gothrough the tapes now and there are some statements that in the context of the current climate would be, I think, would be embarrassing."
You can bet that we'll be hearing a lot about old and new Trump tapes this week with Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Rachel Maddow. However, you can expect the way each of these star anchors cover the tapes will vary.

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]