'WikiLeaks Releases Photo of Hillary Clinton Grabbing A Man's Genitals': Hoax Goes Viral

A photograph has gone viral on Facebook purportedly showing the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton grabbing a man's genitals. However, many who eagerly shared the photo on Facebook as an answer to the deluge of sexual misconduct accusations against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump failed to notice that the photo does not show Clinton but the actress Florence Henderson, who starred as Carol Brady in the ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch.

The claim that the photo (see photo below) shows Clinton grabbing a man's crotch originated on the blog TDT Alliance, which published an article on October 14 titled "WikiLeaks Releases Candid Photos of Hillary Clinton."


One of the alleged WikiLeaks photos shows a woman in white pantsuit grabbing a man's crotch onstage. TDT Alliance shared the article and photo on its Facebook page Fox News The FB Page, where it went viral after being shared by hundreds of Facebook users who apparently did not realize that the TDT Alliance's description of the image was calculatedly misleading.

The TDT Alliance blog piece claimed that the photo allegedly showing Clinton grabbing a man's genitals was one of a newly released batch of WikiLeaks John Podesta emails, as Snopes reported.

The blog quoted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suggesting during an interview with an unnamed French news outlet that the photo demonstrates media bias and hypocrisy because it shows Clinton actually sexually assaulting a man by grabbing his genitals while all that Trump did was merely talk about "grabbing p***y."
"You can clearly see Hillary has grabbed on the man's balls," Assange was quoted as saying. "All Donald Trump has done is talk about grabbing women and they call him a rapist. They tried the same thing with me. Look, tripping on the rug and your fingers accidentally winding up in a woman's coocoo is not rape. What Clinton did is."

Many Trump supporters shared the photo on Facebook under the impression that it really shows the Democratic presidential candidate grabbing a man's crotch. But other Facebook users noted that although the photo was authentic the woman in white pantsuit grabbing at a man's crotch in the photo was not Clinton but the actress Florence Henderson, best known for her role as the matriarch Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch.

Florence Henderson
Actress Florence Henderson, best known for her role as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch [Image by Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com]

The claim that the photo actually shows Florence Henderson and not Clinton sparked a brief dispute when some users denied that it shows Henderson. But the dispute was settled swiftly by users who posted a link to a page on Towlerload dating back to 2009 that featured a copy of the photo with a caption identifying the woman in the photo as Henderson.

"Now we know why Florence Henderson was in The Brady Bunch and not Eight is Enough," the caption read.

Others supplied a link to an article published on the lesbian website Curve Magazine, that indicated the image showing Henderson grabbing a man's crotch was taken during the production of Broadway Backwards 4.

A few users already familiar with the TDT Alliance blog noted that it was a fake news website that publishes fabricated stories and that its Facebook group page, The Fox News FB Page, was not affiliated with Fox News but only set up to parody the network.

The TDT Alliance blog and its Facebook page were soon besieged by angry Trump supporters protesting the apparent attempt to embarrass them by making them share a photo of Henderson grabbing a man's crotch under the mistaken impression that it shows Clinton.

"Just look at the pic, that's not Hillary, it's the mom from the Brady bunch," a Facebook user commented on Facebook.

"That's not Hillary Clinton," another Facebook user pointed out.

"This is why nobody believes a f*****g thing you guys say," grumbled another angry Facebook user who had apparently shared the image under the mistaken impression that it shows Clinton caught on camera in a compromising position.

"I don't believe it because everyone knows Hillary is a lesbian," yet another Facebook user said.

"That's a fake. That is Florence Henderson," a TDT Alliance blog reader commented angrily. "Don't release anymore fake pictures, it makes Trump look bad. He is not a liar like Hillary."

Hillary Clinton supporters also visited the website and its Facebook page to poke fun at Trump supporters who had been fooled by the image.

"It's Florence Henderson. God you people are stupid," a Facebook user commented.

"That's Florence Henderson j*******s," another said. "I know you guys love people that sexually abuse women so it's no surprise Julian Assange is your new hero but his latest document dump the Russians have provided him with has produced nothing! I swear you people are as dumb as a bag full of broken hammers."

[Featured Image by a Katz/Shutterstock]