Man Wearing Pokémon Onsie Forced To Twerk And Sing Gangsta Rap By Knife Welding Women Thugs

Christopher Pugh was relaxing in the room of his shared three-story house when Ana Kahn knocked on his door, asking if she could borrow his cellular phone. The simple request turned into a 90-minute hostage situation where Pugh was held at knifepoint and forced to perform gangsta rap songs and twerk while wearing a Pokémon onesie.

Pugh (26) was held at knifepoint by Ana Kahn (25) and Tanieka Higgins (25), forced to perform gangsta rap while twerking, as a third woman recorded the incident. Pugh claims the entire event was humiliating. He was finally able to escape 90 minutes later and alert police, according to Metro.

During the hostage ordeal, Pugh was robbed at knifepoint and items were stolen from his room, as well.

For their participation in the kidnapping attempt, Kahn and Higgins were both sentenced to three years and nine months in prison, in addition to a five-year restraining order against the women.

Pugh had no idea that he was being set up for the humiliating kidnapping, or that he would be recorded as he performed gangsta rap songs while twerking in a Pokémon onesie.

Judge Jeremy Lee, according to the Daily Mail, claims that Pugh was falsely imprisoned by the knife-wielding women set up to be bullied and humiliated.
"He was humiliated, he was made a figure of fun for your own amusement and then you filmed him. Knives were produced by both of you, not just once, but on a number of occasions. His ordeal lasted for about an hour-and-a-half. It only came to an end, in that he was so frightened he managed to escape through a window."
During the court session, Judge Lee berated the women for their childish and dangerous behavior, claiming that they were acting like teenagers instead of the grown women that they are.
"You are not young teenagers. You are mature women in your twenties and it is shocking to see you do this sort of thing."
According to the testimony, neither of Kahn or Higgins admitted to having Pugh's phone, after borrowing it just a short time earlier. After approximately 15 minutes of arguing with Pugh, the women demanded he pay a ransom to get his phone back. When he refused to pay, they women revealed knives and claimed they were going to stab him.

The women then removed Pugh's wallet from his pocket and stole his money, his keys, his headphones, and even his tobacco and lighter. Other items were stolen from his own bedroom.

"After he was kept in the room, both women went with him to his room and stole a Pokemon toy and a duck-shaped soap-on-a-rope. He was taken back to Khan's room."
The women then began to play gangsta music and demanded that Pugh begin to dance to the tune while wearing the Pokémon onesie. They pointed their knives and claimed that if he did not dance, they would stab him.

Higgin's prosecutor claimed that the incident was nothing more than a joke that went too far out of control.

"I accept this is nasty bullying behaviour and demonstrable of immaturity on the part of Higgins. To them it was a joke that went too far and got out of hand."
The Pokémon that was featured on the onesie was not revealed, nor were the exact gangsta rap songs that were danced to. The only details of his dance performance were that he was forced to twerk to the gangsta rap songs while wearing the Pokémon onesie.

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