‘Days Of Our Lives’: Vincent Irizarry And Arianne Zucker Talk ‘DOOL’ — Why Is Nicole Attracted To Deimos? [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives fans are divided on Deimos Kiriakis, portrayed by Vincent Irizarry. Has he really changed or is he just playing Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker)? Despite how viewers feel about Deimos, there is no denying that he and Nicole have a lot of passion and chemistry on the soap opera. That doesn’t mean they belong together, but it does create some interesting scenes. Recently, Irizarry and Zucker spoke about their time on set and what attracts Nicole to this particular man.

There might be DOOL spoilers ahead. If you do not want any clues on what is going to happen next, then stop reading.

When Deimos Kiriakis first arrived in Salem, it was a shock to everyone. Just who was this man on Days Of Our Lives and how far would he go to destroy Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston)? Even though he is considered to be a bit of a villain, there is a reason why he felt justified.

30 years ago, a woman named Helena died and Deimos served time in prison for her murder. However, he was innocent. Deimos lost the chance to live three decades of his life. He lost the opportunity to build up an empire, marry, and have children. This is why he was so angry with Victor, why he wants to rush things with Nicole, and why he was looking forward to being the father of Chloe Lane’s (Nadia Bjorlin) baby.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for next week tease that Nicole will be tempted to tell Deimos everything about Chloe’s pregnancy. She promised her friend secrecy. However, she loves Deimos and feels his pain. It’s not that he wanted to have a child with Chloe, but that he wanted the opportunity to be a father. This was something that was denied to him previously because of his time in prison.


Even though a lot of fans think Deimos and Nicole should not be together, they do have a crazy attraction. They share chemistry and passion. Yes, Nicole is scared of her feelings, especially since they are so strong and she really doesn’t know Deimos that well. It certainly is a different kind of love than what she experienced with Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian), who was more mellow.

Days Of Our Lives fans know why Deimos is attracted to Nicole. It is because she looks exactly like his dead lover, Helena. However, what about Nicole? What draws her toward Deimos? In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Arianne Zucker answered that question.

“Nicole definitely has an attraction to a man who takes control of a situation. For Nicole, that is just something she is completely attracted to. I don’t know if it’s because Nicole has daddy issues or [if] it’s a competition. It could be a litany of things. But as far as these men who don’t follow the rules, I think Deimos is like that. But there’s also more to him. Deimos doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve. You have to uncover them. He doesn’t give that to everybody. I think that lures Nicole in.”

Nicole has a history of not picking the best men, even though Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and Daniel Jonas were exceptions. It is unclear if Deimos and Nicole are really good for each other or not. What is interesting about this pairing is that Nicole used to be married to Victor. In the interview with the magazine, Zucker brought up why Victor wouldn’t let Nicole go in the past.

“When I got wrapped into the storyline that the show was creating, it made sense why, years ago, Victor wanted to be with Nicole. No wonder he wouldn’t divorce Nicole, because of Nicole’s resemblance to Helena. For me, when you get a storyline like this, it fills the tank so much higher. It makes my scenes with Vincent as Deimos so much juicier, because of Nicole’s history with Victor.”

Vincent Irizarry added that he enjoyed learning about the background of the storyline. The Days Of Our Lives actor said he tapped right into it.

What do you think of what Vincent Irizarry and Arianne Zucker had to say about Deimos and Nicole? Do they really belong together, are they doomed as a couple, or is Deimos not the changed man he claims to be? Keep watching Days Of Our Lives to find out.

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