October 15, 2016
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: New AMC Image Hints At Arrival Of Whisperers

There are a lot of new characters arriving in The Walking Dead Season 7. Of course, Negan and his troops arrived at the tail end of Season 6, with Negan not even showing up until the final minutes of the season finale Walking Dead cliffhanger. Season 7 will see Negan and his men, more from The Hilltop Community, and the arrival of Ezekiel and The Kingdom. In what might amount to be new Walking Dead spoilers, a new AMC Instagram photo hints that the Whisperers could make their appearance as well.

For fans who don't know who the Whisperers are, they are the bad guys who show up in the comics after Negan's group. Honestly, things are just getting started with Negan and the Saviors and The Walking Dead needs to take its time in this battle, as Negan is the most interesting villain in the entire run of the comics.

However, while Negan is no doubt to be the most hated character in The Walking Dead television history after the Season 7 debut, the Whisperers is led by someone who is truly evil while Negan is, honestly, someone who is interested in the survival of his group just like Rick is.

On the other hand, the Whisperers don't even care about killing zombies. They wear the skin of zombies in order to blend in and prefer to instead hunt down and kill other survivors. While Negan does what he does for the survival of his people, the Whisperers only care about killing people. They also enjoy showing trophies, such as putting the heads of their victims on stakes, which is why the AMC photo seems to be revealing a Walking Dead spoiler.

This also wouldn't be the first time that the Whisperers might have come up on the show. There was a moment in Season 3 where Morgan talked about seeing people who wore dead people's faces. That is something the Whisperers do. What might be nice is if these Walking Dead spoilers are just setting up the plate for down the road.

The entire Walking Dead Season 7 will surely be about the conflict between Rick Grimes and Negan, especially after Negan kills one (or possibly two) of Rick's closest companions in the season premiere. The trailer from the New York City Comic Con showed Negan dragging Rick into a trailer to possibly deal with the aftermath of the killings.

One thing that makes Walking Dead spoilers so hard to pin down is that the television show sometimes veers from the path of the comics. One example is that Denise had an arrow shot through her eye last season, killing her, while in the comics it was Abraham who died in this manner. The most obvious example is Daryl, who exists in the TV show but never existed in the comics. The Whisperers' image might be another sleight of hand.


Anyone who read the comics knows that it was Glenn whom Negan killed in issue #100. The Inquisitr previously reported that people spotted what appeared to be Maggie's wedding ring in the splattered remains of who Negan killed, believing that it was Glenn that had his head bashed in. Others believe that Glenn will die, but not in this scene and it was all misdirection.

That is where things like the image of the head on a spike might be misdirection instead of basic Walking Dead spoilers. However, the Whisperers will show up sooner or later on the TV show and this is a nice homage to what their arrival will mean.

[Featured Image by AMC]