‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Promotes 4 To Series Regulars [Spoilers]

With the word that more than one regular Walking Dead cast member will die at the start of Season 7, that opens up some room for new cast members. Not only that, but the two deaths are main cast members, and it looks like The Walking Dead cast lineup will see four of its cast members promoted to regular cast status. E! Online reports that those four characters are Negan, Jesus, Gregory, and Dwight.

While there are a lot of characters on The Walking Dead, the regular Walking Dead cast members are the ones listed in the opening credits and are the ones that are considered the most important to the plot of the series. Out of those four characters, one was a no-brainer, one was very exciting news, and the other two might open up some spoilers into what fans can expect from Season 7.

The first new regular Walking Dead cast member is Negan, and that is the no-brainer. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play the villain of Season 7, and the character is someone who will become very important to the series as it moves on, especially if the TV show remains loyal to the comic books. Negan may be seen by fans who only know The Walking Dead from watching the TV show as a killer and a bad guy who needs to die, but he is much more important than that.

When looked at in an unbiased manner, Negan would kill someone in order to convince communities that they needed to share their supplies with his community or else. Looking at Rick, he took his people into Alexandria, a peaceful community, and he and Carol decided from the start that they would take what they wanted, by force if needed. Rick then killed dozens of Negan’s men in order to force The Hilltop to give up their supplies to his community. There isn’t much difference between Rick and Negan outside of the fact that Negan kills one person to get what he wants, and Rick killed dozens.

Next is Jesus. Tom Payne plays Jesus, and fans of the TV show only know him as someone who is slippery and sneaky after he caused Daryl to chase him all over the place as he tried to steal the supply truck and then woke up a naked Rick and Michonne after they slept together to make a deal. In the comics, Jesus is a major ally and probably the one real superhero of the group as he is a master of hand-to-hand combat and a master escapist.

With Negan and Jesus, it was clear that both would be regular Walking Dead cast members over time. They are both very important to the story of The Walking Dead.

The next two Walking Dead cast regulars are the ones that seem more puzzling, but they should open up an idea of what fans can expect from Season 7 of the series. The first is Gregory, played by Xander Berkley. One of the main bets to leave The Walking Dead cast in Season 7 is Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn. If he leaves, expect Maggie to leave Alexandria and her friends to remain at The Hilltop community.

There is a doctor in The Hilltop, which is important for her pregnancy and in the comics she takes up leadership there. Since Gregory is the current leader of The Hilltop, expect Maggie to stay there and work with the new community that should grow in Season 7.

The final new Walking Dead cast regular is Dwight, played by Austin Amelio. Dwight is one of Negan’s top men, although at one point he was trying to escape Negan last season. He showed back up with a burned and distorted face, which fans will learn was caused by Negan. In the comics, he plays a large role in the battle between Negan and Rick, and he has a chance to redeem himself after murdering Denise last season.

If anything, Cinema Blend indicates that this Walking Dead cast news means Negan might be sticking around for a long time, which is great news for Walking Dead fans.

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