‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere ‘Really Redefines Grief’ [Spoilers]

When fans finished watching The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, there was a lot of anger that the cliffhanger kept people in the dark about who died. Instead of ending Season 6 with a conclusion to the season’s story and moving onto The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere to see what the results would be, fans were kept waiting all summer to see who died.

However, with this being the age of the Internet, people have deduced who died through spying on The Walking Dead sets, tracking certain actors and leaked info from insiders. As a result, most people who track spoilers have deduced that two beloved characters are going to die. That makes it no surprise that Yahoo TV spoke with producer Greg Nicotero and he revealed that The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere “redefines grief.”

“The season premiere really redefines grief. It redefines pain, and emotion, and if you think watching the finale that you are already at rock bottom with these people, you’ve got a lot further to go. This season’s intense. There’s not really a lot of let up.”

Nicotero also mentioned that the point of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was to put the characters at their lowest point. He said that it is the first time in six seasons that Rick Grimes was really scared into helplessness. Looking at how the Comic-Con exclusive Walking Dead trailer started, it also showed the direction they are heading as they showed the characters at their most optimistic points while staring at a possible death at the hands of Lucille and Negan.

What is most interesting is that, while many people just want to know what happens in the future without any surprises, the Comic-Con trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere chose to keep things surprising for people who actually like to be surprised. However, for both groups of people, Nicotero feels The Walking Dead premiere will really be devastating.

“With the introduction of Negan, it gives us the perfect palate and the perfect opportunity to explore something that we’ve never explored before. The world is a much, much bigger place. You have a guy like Rick who ends Season 6 with, “Oh yeah, if they want to deal, you just tell them to come talk to me…” For him to be in the position that he’s left in, on his knees… it’s rough.”

Seeing The Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer, there was no sign of the main heroes and survivors after the opening Lucille tease, and instead showed a lot of the new characters, including members of Negan’s camp as well as Carol, Morgan, and the first actual appearance of Ezekial and his pet tiger Shiva.

While Rick and company have been beaten down to their knees and will lose one of their closest allies and companions, the entire purpose of The Walking Dead Season 7 is to build a brand new world for fans to get to know. This is much bigger than Rick and there are a lot more people out there that are important when it comes to the survival of humanity.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Norman Reedus already said that The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere will cause the “world to explode.” Reedus also attacked fans who seek to spoil the show for everyone by revealing what happens before the show even airs. While there are fans who purposively try to spoil The Walking Dead for others, there are also fans who want to seek out spoilers, which adds to their enjoyment, and his comments came across as unnecessarily harsh as he grouped all those fans together as one.

For those fans who want The Walking Dead Season 7 to surprise them, it is getting harder as the premiere date approaches, especially since many people are convinced they know who dies in the first episode. For everyone else, The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere airs on October 23.

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