‘Walking Dead’ News: Norman Reedus Doesn’t Want Daryl To Die [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has made a lot of comments over the last few months about the popular TV show, in which he plays the fan favorite Daryl. Some of the comments seemed like hyperbole, as he said the seventh season of the show will cause the world to explode. He then angered a large number of fans when he said that people who reveal spoilers for The Walking Dead are a-holes. However, his most recent comments are about Daryl and involve a little mix of fan lip service and Walker Dead spoilers all rolled up into one.

According to Nerdist, Norman Reedus has made it clear that he doesn’t want his character of Daryl to die on The Walking Dead. Daryl is one of the main suspects at who Negan might have bashed in the head with Lucille on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. In response to a fan club called “If Daryl dies, we riot,” Reedus asked for membership.

“I will be passing out matches if that happens — I will be starting the riot. You know what, I’m very appreciative. I put a lot of work into this character for a long time, and I really like my job, and I like all the people I work with an awful lot, and I like all those fans that have my back, and I have their back, and I’m trying to do a good job for them as well.”

When the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead concluded, Negan took his barbed wire bat Lucille and smashed in someone’s head. Much to the chagrin of Walking Dead fans everywhere, they didn’t show who he killed and left that as the cliffhanger between seasons, some scared that Daryl met his end on the show.

Many Walking Dead fans have tried to deduce who the victim was, and as The Inquisitr previously reported, one Facebook group called The Spoiling Dead Fans might have gotten too close to discovering the truth. AMC threatened to sue the people who run the group if they correctly spoil the name of the victim. Along the same time, Reedus made the comment about people who release Walking Dead spoilers, causing some of Daryl’s fans to turn on him.

There are a large number of possibilities on who met their fate at the hands of Negan and Lucille. The three names picking up the biggest speculation are Glenn, who is the person who died in the comics when Negan appeared, Daryl, who doesn’t exist in The Walking Dead comics, and Abraham, who seemed to be wrapping up his storylines with Sasha and Rosita.

One person who almost surely won’t die is Rick Grimes, the former Atlanta cop who acts as the leader of the group of survivors on The Walking Dead. In some interesting Walking Dead spoilers, the Inquisitr previously reported that producer Greg Nicotero said that Negan will play a role in teaching Rick a lot of new lessons in how to survive in the new world. Negan can’t teach Rick any lessons if he killed Rick at the end of Season 6, so that eliminates one victim when trying to decipher The Walking Dead spoilers.

The Walking Dead characters that Negan could have killed include Daryl, Glenn, Rosita, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, and Eugene. If Rick and Daryl both live, that leaves Glenn and Abraham as the most likely candidates to take Lucille to the head. In Walking Dead spoilers from the comics, Abraham already died by this time, taking the arrow to the head that Denise took in the TV show. Michonne and Carl both play huge roles in the comics down the line.

That leaves people like Aaron, who would not be seen as a very important death, Eugene, who would hurt the ability of the heroes to make ammunition for their weapons, and Maggie, which might be a very tough loss to swallow since her pregnancy is what gives the show a glimmer of hope for the future. Sasha and Rosita are also possibilities, but their loss also wouldn’t cause quite the same uproar as one of the bigger names on The Walking Dead.

There is now the fact that Norman Reedus will riot if the producers decide to kill Daryl. With the way AMC is actively fighting Walking Dead spoilers, fans might not learn the truth until the show returns in October.

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