Lamar Odom Brothel Owner’s House Burns, Says Kardashians Put A Curse On Him

Dennis Hof, owner of the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom overdosed at this time last year, is blaming his house fire on a curse by the Kardashians. Hof says that because of the one year anniversary of Lamar Odom’s brothel tragedy, Khloe Kardashian has put a hex on him. Hof’s two million dollar mansion has burned to the ground.

One of the prostitutes that spent time with Lamar Odom on his fateful trip to the brothel now writes a blog, and wrote a tell-all about Lamar’s brothel visit last week for the anniversary of his overdose, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. Monica Monroe wrote that despite taking Viagra, Lamar Odom was not able to have sex with her. Instead, Monroe says that she and Odom talked at length about their relationship struggles, and Lamar spoke at length about Khloe Kardashian.


Dennis Hof’s three story mansion in the woods has burned to the ground, and Hof blames the fire on a curse by the Kardashians, according to the Daily Mail. It’s not clear if Hof is alluding to the Kardashians’ Armenian heritage, or if he is making the suggestion that they are witches, but he believes the fire might have been caused by a hex courtesy of Khloe.

A state started “controlled burn” quickly got out of control, and burned the mostly wooden structure in the Nevada woods to the ground. Hof added that on the next anniversary of the Lamar Odom overdose, he will go far away, just in case, maybe to a remote island.


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Dennis Hof’s home in the Washoe Valley of Nevada was over one thousand acres away from the area that the fire was supposed to burn, but according to RGJ, the Nevada Division of Forestry fire got out of control quickly and consumed Hof’s home. Hof shared pictures of the home on social media, and posted sarcastic tweets.

“One of my homes before the controlled burn to help the squirrels. My amazing mountain home after the controlled burn THANKS TO THE STATE OF NEVADA (sic).”

Hof says that he was not home at the time of the fire, but neighbors said that they had to flee as the flames started to lick the sides of their property. The fire consumed nineteen homes in all.


Perhaps Dennis Hof is making these claims because the Kardashians accused him of using Lamar Odom’s overdose for publicity, and they were additionally angered when Hof came after them for Odom’s $75k brothel bill. The New York Daily News says that for a long time, it was unclear if Odom would recover from the strokes and heart attack he suffered as a result of large amounts of alcohol and drugs while at the brothel.

Hof, who is running for local office, says that after all of the business with Lamar, the Kardashian family cursed him. Hof tweeted ahead of his return to what is now just ashes.

“Last (October) Lamar craziness this year news & neighbors says my house might have burned down.”


Dennis Hof had recently mentioned that he was considering suing the Kardashians for their impact on his high-end business, which was harmed by the publicity following Lamar Odom’s overdose. Celebrities allegedly have stayed away from the brothel, fearing a lack of confidentiality. Hof offered tours of the room where Lamar Odom was staying at the time that he overdosed, and allegedly charged a fee.

Do you believe in curses? Do you think that the Kardashians really cursed the brothel owner?

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