‘Days Of Our Lives’: Lucas And Anne’s Storyline Teased — Meredith Scott Lynn Shares ‘DOOL’ Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives is taking the focus off of dark storylines and turning more toward romance. Recently, actress Meredith Scott Lynn shared spoilers that tease that fans will see a different side to Anne. It turns out that Lucas and Anne will share some scenes together. Could they end up being a couple, especially if Justin and Adrienne get back together? Or will Anne just cause trouble for Lucas and Adrienne?

DOOL spoilers are ahead. If you don’t want any clues on what to expect on the soap opera, then stop reading.


Anne has not had many storylines on Days Of Our Lives. Her lines basically revolve around Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley). As fans know, Anne and Theresa worked together at the hospital. Anne was also not the greatest influence on the troubled young girl. Viewers have been wondering when Anne would get a storyline and it looks like it is finally time.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Meredith Scott Lynn teased what to expect from Anne. In a surprising twist, it involves Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). It turns out that Anne will show up at the DiMera mansion looking for Chad (Billy Flynn). She ends up encountering Lucas, who shows her kindness. It results in Anne spending the night at Chad’s home and the Days Of Our Lives character develops a huge crush on Lucas.

Even though Lucas and Adrienne (Judi Evans) are planning to get married, there are rumors that Justin (Wally Kurth) still loves his ex-wife. With more romance coming on Days Of Our Lives, some fans are expecting Justin and Adrienne to get back together. However, nobody wants to see Lucas hurt and alone. Perhaps this will give Lucas a new woman to focus on, but Anne isn’t exactly a great human being. Does this crush change Anne for the better?

“It changes Anne, to a degree. No one should ever assume great intent with Anne, even though she’s a human with a heart. It’s just that usually her heart is set on something that is not so pure. Anne is a little deluded into thinking that every guy she wants probably wants her. She’s so good at her job. Anne is super-present, so in the moment and aware of what is going on professionally. But it seems like personally, she’s got this narcissistic, megalomaniac gene. She has a few drinks and she thinks everyone she wants is into her.”

With this statement, it seems that Anne will have a crush on Lucas and believe he wants her, too. However, Lucas is in love with Adrienne. Knowing Anne’s history of doing anything to get what she wants, could she cause trouble for Lucas and Adrienne? With Jen Lilley leaving Days Of Our Lives, it is a way to give Anne a storyline. Remember, most of the time when Anne is seen, it has something to do with Theresa.


Perhaps fans will find out more about Anne’s past and what makes her tick. Just like they changed Theresa’s character on Days Of Our Lives, maybe viewers will see some positive changes in Anne. Whether fans love or hate Lucas and Adrienne together, let’s hope that Anne’s storyline won’t revolve around ruining the lives of happy couples in Salem.

What do you think of what Meredith Scott Lynn had to say about the future of Anne on Days Of Our Lives? Is there a possible romance in store for Lucas and Anne? Or will the character develop an unrealistic crush and try to destroy Lucas and Adrienne’s relationship? Keep watching the long-running soap opera to find out what happens next.

Days Of Our Lives airs Monday through Friday on NBC.

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