Donald Trump Did Not Commit Sexual Assault Because He Said He Did, Pundit Says

The Donald Trump sexual assault allegations have been hitting the media fast and furious since last Friday’s reveal of the 11-year-old tape in which the embattled GOP nominee told Billy Bush, then of Access Hollywood, that with women, you have to “grab them by the p***y.”

He was first forced to defend the remarks in a segment of the debate as Anderson Cooper reminded him of the comments and then asked if Trump understood what he described was sexual assault.

The candidate denied having gone that far and dismissed his comments as “locker room talk” he was ashamed of, but over the last few days, a number of women have come forward claiming to be victims of a Trump sexual assault at various points over the last several years.

The campaign has vehemently denied the allegations, pointing out the timing — “Why are these women just now coming forward?” asked Donald Trump, Jr. — but it’s having an impact with voters.

However, on a recent episode of The Glenn Beck Program, the hosts, who are definitely not fans of the Republican nominee, pointed out that there is one clear way to prove allegations of a Trump sexual assault are false — the tape itself.

Essentially, the best defense that Trump did not commit sexual assault is that he said that he did.

To make sense of that, you will have to go back to the tape itself. In it, the candidate not only drops the comment about groping women by their privates, but he also said he kissed women on the mouth without their consent, “and they just let you do it,” he quipped, “because you’re a celebrity.”

While such an admission might seem damning, Beck’s take is that it proves the opposite because, like his Democratic opponent, Trump doesn’t have the best relationship with the truth.

As Sam Harris of the Waking Up podcast recently pointed out, Trump’s beliefs and values are “not unlike a balloon after you let the air out of it.”

Building on this point, the Beck hosts observed, Trump is innocent of sexual assault because virtually everything that has come out of his mouth during the primaries and over the last several years has been a lie.

For starters, he said that he did not support the war in Iraq until a video surfaced of him saying he was for it before he was against it. There is also the matter of him aligning as a lifelong Democrat and admitting as much on tape a few decades ago.

Furthermore, he has supported Hillary Clinton politically in the past. He has softened his position on the border wall that “Mexico will pay for.” He has backtracked on abortion and whether women should be punished for having one.


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It should be noted that most of the segment was tongue-in-cheek, so it’s hard to tell whether Beck and his hosts really believe Trump committed sexual assault, but they definitely believe he’s the wrong choice for the conservative movement.

Beck has routinely characterized him as a liberal Democrat out to destroy the Republican Party. He has chastised people who have publicly expressed their decision to vote for him, including his own candidate of choice, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

But what do you think, readers? Do the Glenn Beck Program hosts raise a good point? Does the tape prove Trump sexual assault allegations wrong simply because he admitted to it? Sound off in the comments section below.

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