New Nintendo NX Rumor: System Connects Similar To Chromcast

A new Nintendo NX rumor is circulating that contradicts some of those from the past according to the French website Gameblog. Previously, it was thought that the portable portion of the NX would connect to televisions via a set top style base. However, the newest rumor has the handheld connecting wirelessly through a dongle similar to something like the Chromecast.

According to the report, Gameblog has multiple sources confirming this and a host of other information. One would think if Nintendo opted to go the ‘dongle’ route, issues might arise including latency especially when large games are involved. Plus, storage could be a problem for those who use digital download primarily for their gaming.

[Image by Alison Yin/AP Images]

One of the sources in the leak is supposedly a company that is currently developing one of 20 games that will soon be available for the NX. The source also confirmed that the system would have detachable controllers. However, that is not the only surprise the system has up its sleeve. As some have been speculating, there is an as-not-yet learned “gimmick” that Nintendo will be announcing soon (no time table is given on the announcement).

As for developing for the system, it is said to be easy to port games from other systems. This is not the first time we have heard this. Earlier this year, it was said that a company need not do anything other than dropping their code into the software that Nintendo has developed, and the software would then make those games playable on the system. It was also stated that graphically games should be on par with the PlayStation 4.

The site also goes as far as to mention upcoming titles that have been rumored to be confirmed for the system as well as other titles that are being discussed. These titles include the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XV from Square Enix. Ubisoft is said to be working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 which has been in the news lately as well as Splinter Cell and a possible crossover with Rabbids and Yoshi. Other companies that were said to be making games for the Nintendo NX included Capcom and Platinum Games. No specific titles were mentioned.

In addition to new games, remakes and remasters were also talked about. Keeping with the Zelda remasters, Skyward Sword is being discussed as a possible title. This isn’t the first time we have heard this. Other titles from Nintendo include Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, and Smash Brothers (also not the first time we’ve heard this). It is thought that more Wii games and possible Nintendo 64 games are being considered.

[Image by Alison Yin/AP Images]

For those who are not up on their French, NeoGAF contributor Maiar_m gave a list of the high points of the article. It has to be reinforced that these are strictly rumors. Nintendo has given no indication that any of the mentioned specifics are true. There has been no visual confirmation either.

In June, Nintendo of Canada General Manager Pierre-Paul Trepanier stated that the Nintendo NX would be revealed in the fall when being interviewed by La Presse about the decision to bring only The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to E3.

“We decided to focus on Zelda. We’ll talk about the NX fall. At that time, it will be 100% NX. (translated)”

As October slips to November, fans are beginning to get anxious. Nintendo does not have any major first party releases for the Wii U until the Breath of the Wild, and it is thought to launch alongside the NX. Until something is confirmed, it can be expected that we will see a new Nintendo NX rumor pop up quite frequently.

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