How 'RHONY' Sonja Morgan, Now A Trump Consultant, Figures Into The Latest Trump Scandal

Amy Feinstein

Ah, of course the Tipsy Girl, Sonja Morgan of the Real Housewives of New York, who seems to love Manhattan nightlife, knows Donald Trump, and also knows Lisa Boyne, the latest witness of alleged lewd behavior on the part of Trump. Boyne said she met Trump through Sonja, and they were all together the night that Trump allegedly was looking up the skirts of models at dinner, commenting on their underwear and genitals.

Even on RHONY, Sonja Morgan has kept curious company on her jaunts on "yachts, wearing updos in Gstaad," but now, Morgan is being asked about her relationship with Donald Trump, and what she saw on the night that Lisa Boyne says they were at dinner. This season on RHONY, accusations were ping-ponged back and forth between Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer about which one of them was using drugs, and partying too much. Morgan was not invited to a party at fellow housewife Dorinda Medley's Berkshires home because there would be alcohol served. In the last few years, Sonja Morgan suffered a reversal of fortune, putting her in bankruptcy, at risk of losing everything.

Boyne says that in the limo that picked her up, along with Sonja Morgan, Donald Trump was speaking of his conquests.

"He was constantly talking about himself, who he was dating, who he was sleeping with, who he was trying to sleep with," Boyne said. "I just remember feeling very surprised and upset."


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Once at the restaurant, where she sat at a table with Trump, Casablanca, and Morgan, five or six models were brought to stand on the tabletops. Then she says, Trump looked up all of their skirts, and commented on their underwear and their genitals. Boyne says that she was shocked, and that Trump did not hit on her, because at 25, she was too old and not a model.

"I'm not a model. He wasn't interested in me. He was more interested in my opinion of who I think he should sleep with. I remember that vividly."

Boyne says that she went to the restroom, and called her roommate for advice on what to do, and how to exit. Sonja Morgan says that she remembers the night, but says she "must have been dancing on another table" at the time.

"I met lots of famous, influential wealthy people with Sonja, and none of them were ever as vulgar, as disgusting, as rude, as sexist, such a low excuse for a human being that I've ever met. I was so deeply offended, I felt that like with Bill Cosby, the more people that come forward, the more legitimacy the story will have."

Boyne says that she doesn't know why Sonja Morgan would say she wasn't there, but she can't imagine that Donald Trump has changed since then.

Do you believe that Lisa Boyne and Sonja Morgan saw Donald Trump looking up the skirts of models?

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