‘Dancing With The Stars’ Assumes Billy Bush Is Done, Wants Him To Dance Next Season

What do you do when your career is in the toilet and you need redemption? Dancing with the Stars, of course! Dancing with the Stars has become the ultimate place to either take a victory lap from a recent achievement, a place to prove you are not dead, or, in the case of Ryan Lochte and now perhaps Billy Bush, to show you are going to say you are sorry through dance.

Billy Bush is said to be on his way out of the Today show, as NBC put him on suspension after he took part in an incident with Donald Trump that degraded women, the Inquisitr previously reported. Many of Bush’s colleagues on the Today show have spoken out, and they are not interested in working with Bush again. Bush is said to be considering legal action, as he claims that the network already knew about the video.


Insiders at Dancing with the Stars say that they want Billy Bush, not as a host but as a contestant on the Spring run of the popular dance competition show. Bush, who is now in conflict with NBC after engaging in “locker room” talk about grabbing women, might be in need of a new job very soon.

“It comes in March. That’s far enough away. Everybody goes on to do the apology tour. It’s ironic there is Ryan Lochte on, who he started this controversy with when he started with ‘Today.'”


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Dancing with the Stars has been the way for others to rehabilitate their careers, and sources are saying that it is a way for Bush to establish a relationship with ABC after his longstanding allegiance with NBC went on the skids.

Billy Bush is said to be looking for a high-powered fixer to get him out of this situation, but many fixers would place him on Dancing with the Stars (Celebrity Apprentice is likely off the table).


Katie Couric gave Billy Bush some advice before joining the Today show that now seems eerily on point, according to the Huffington Post. Couric urged Bush to think before he talks, as the Today show was a serious step up from his previous gigs.

“Billy, I know you’re a lot of fun. Very spontaneous. But the Today show is under the ‘News’ division, so you may want to think before you speak.”

Bush thanked Couric, but it sounds like he did not take her advice about listening.

“Very sage advice. Everyone who leaves Access Hollywood always regrets it. They all want to come back.”

Bush is said to be trying to return to Access Hollywood sooner than he imagined.

The Los Angeles Times is saying that Billy Bush has gone from “cringeworthy to disgusting” with the Donald Trump tape, in which, on top of everything else, Bush refers to grown women as girls. Although Bush said that he was embarrassed and ashamed by the video that was linked, it is said that much of his behavior and talk on-air was seedy before this video leaked.


Noah Oppenheim of NBC has said that there is no excuse for Bush’s part in the Trump video.

“Let me be clear — there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape.”

But in Trump’s defense, Oppenheim and NBC had to know what they were getting when they exchanged Billy Bush for Natalie Morales.

Do you think Billy Bush should go on Dancing with the Stars? Do you think it will help?

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