WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio Wants To Sign CM Punk To His New MMA Company

Two former WWE stars might be generating some big headlines together in the world of MMA soon. Alberto Del Rio has publicly proclaimed that he wants to sign CM Punk to an MMA contract, as reported by 411 Mania. Del Rio was named the new president of Combate Americas this week.

While doing an interview with the Roman Show, Alberto Del Rio stated that MMA was now his top priority. He wants people to know that he is taking his new job with Combate Americas very seriously. The former WWE Heavyweight Champion wants to become the Mexican version of UFC president Dana White.

While MMA has become his new focal point, Alberto Del Rio is not completely done with pro wrestling. The 39-year-old still plans on wrestling a couple of times a month. Del Rio stated that he will work a wrestling show once a week if his schedule with Combate Americas permits it.


During the interview, Alberto Del Rio was asked about the UFC debut of CM Punk. While a lot of critics mocked Punk for losing so quickly in the first round, Del Rio praised his performance. Del Rio commended Punk for having the courage to try transitioning into an MMA career.

Alberto Del Rio also interestingly revealed to the audience that CM Punk is one of his closest friends from the pro wrestling industry. He stated that the two of them keep in touch more frequently than people know. Del Rio contacted Punk before and after his UFC debut.

If the two of them are as close as Alberto Del Rio states, then it should not come as a shock if he is on the phone with CM Punk in the near future to discuss doing business together. Del Rio probably needs a little bit of time to get adjusted to his new position.

WWE diva Paige
Paige [Image by WWE]

CM Punk probably needs some time as well before having the discussion. After his loss, he stated that he needed to take a good amount of time away from UFC. He wants to fight again, but he needs to spend time with his wife, AJ Lee.

Before he makes a big decision about his MMA career, CM Punk is expected to speak with Dana White first to see where he stands with UFC. After the debut, White stated that he feels that Punk’s next fight should be outside of his promotion. White wants Punk to gain more experience.

Combate Americas have been around since 2011, but they are light years behind UFC. Their fighters are not on the same level. That might make it easier for CM Punk to gain experience and confidence. Punk knows that he needs to get to another level after being dominated by Mickey Gall.

MMA executive Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio [Image by WWE]

By signing Alberto Del Rio as president, Combate Americas has generated some interest from WWE fans. If Del Rio were to secure the services of CM Punk, it will generate even more interest in the pro wrestling fan base. For a company trying to grow their brand, a move like this could do wonders.

If Alberto Del Rio wanted to draw in further attention from WWE and TNA fans, then he can try to lure in Bobby Lashley for a special fight or two. However, that is going to prove to be a little bit difficult because Lashley is closing in on a title fight with Bellator.

Alberto Del Rio has found the next chapter of his life. MMA is one of his passions, so that is quite the bonus. Now, Del Rio and his real-life girlfriend, WWE diva Paige, just need to stop generating headlines for TMZ.

[Featured Image by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]