Are Adam Lambert, Sam Smith Dating Or Just Collaborating?

Are Adam Lambert and Sam Smith dating? The rumor mill has been heating up ever since the two musicians have been seen spending a lot of time with each other lately, as seen on their respective Instagram pages.

It turns out that the two singers are just collaborating. Sam Smith and Adam Lambert are good friends who happen to be working together in the studio. However, Lambert sparked the dating rumors once again when he shared a video on Instagram on Friday, Oct. 7, reports The two just looked into the camera before Lambert said “London town” in a mock British accent. Smith looks back at his friend before saying, “Rickshaw vibes,” and giving the camera a pout.

Smith has been working on the follow-up to his 2014 debut album In The Lonely Hour. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Smith opened up about his new music, which he promises will be a lot more personal than the first one.

“I’m putting my heart even more out on the f***ing line. I’m going even deeper. I can’t believe I’m even doing it, but I’m going deeper.”

In The Lonely Hour was already a personal album, as it reflected on unrequited love. Lambert will play the role of Eddie in the upcoming televised musical version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Smith and Lambert have been rumored to be recording together, after they were seen together while the Queen star was in London working on his new album, as well. After he had taken to social media to share that video of himself with Smith, rumors swirled that the singer may appear on Lambert’s next album.

The two were also spotted at Heaven nightclub together.

Earlier this year, rumors swirled that Lambert and Smith were dating after they were spotted getting cozy together at Lambert’s after show party in New York. Lambert even posted a photo of the two cuddling with each other inside the nightclub. Lambert put those dating rumors to rest in an interview with Metro, reports Instinct Magazine.

“Sam was out with a group of his friends, I was out with a group of mine, and we were all drinking and having a laugh. I saw the headlines and wrote him, ‘Oh my god, they think we’re dating!'” he laughed. “To be honest, we’re not that close, but the little interaction we’ve had, he’s lovely, such a sweet guy.”

Lambert, who split from Finish TV host Sauli Koskinen back in 2013, also opened up about whether or not he would date another high-profiled star.

“In some ways, it would be good because you’d both understand the world you live in, but it might get competitive.”

Sources told the Mirror that Lambert and Smith have been texting up a storm, but they’re only friends at this point.

“Sam and Adam have been friends for a while and often text each other but seem to have grown closer recently. They’re often quite flirty and Sam went to Adam’s sol out concert in New York last week after he went to one of Sam’s concerts in the UK.”

Last year, Lambert opened up about what’s it like to be openly gay in the music industry. He became the first gay male to top the Billboard 200. He has also been compared to the likes of Smith. In his interview with Billboard, Lambert admitted that he has reached out to Smith, and started a friendship with the musician.

“We’ve commiserated on how it is to be gay in the media. But a lot has changed. People are not as hung up on it. I’d like to think that the media doesn’t sensationalize it as much, but sometimes I’m proven wrong.”

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