Billy Bush ‘Already Scrambling’ For New Job After ‘Today’ Show Crisis, Who Will Hire The TV Host Now?

Billy Bush is “already scrambling” to find a new job after reports suggested that he will be fired from the Todat show. The 44-year-old host has not been fired yet, but he is already looking for his next gig amid rumors he will get the axe. Who will hire the defamed host now?

Billy Bush was caught in a 2005 recording with Donald Trump speaking provocatively and offensively about women. The tape recording came to light late last week, and Bush is certainly receiving his fair share of backlash.

According to reports by Radar Online, Billy Bush met with NBC executives over the weekend in Los Angeles to “beg” for his old job back at Access Hollywood.

“They basically told him in so many words or less, there is no chance of him working anywhere on NBC again.”

A devastated Billy Bush has been frantically searching for a new on-air career opportunity back in L.A ever since the tape recording was exposed.

A source told Radar that his management is “confident that he will lock something in soon.” However, since the scandal with Trump broke, it seems no one wants anything to do with Billy Bush.


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Bush was originally set to go on the Today show on Monday and apologize for what he was heard saying in 2005, but that appearance was later canceled.

“Billy is not going to give up on hosting, but he knows that his time with NBC has pretty much come to an end and, unless there is a miracle, there is nothing he can do about it.”

Ever since the tape was leaked online last Friday, Billy Bush’s nightmare has exploded. His NBC employers originally reported that Bush’s hosting gig was safe, but on Monday, he was suspended indefinitely and is reportedly close to getting served his walking papers, despite the apology he made last week.

According to People, Billy Bush is supposedly negotiating his exit from the Today show.

“It could be resolved immediately or it could take quite some time,” explained the insider. “They’re looking at all aspects of it.”

Sources told the magazine that the comments Bush was heard making on the tape recording with Donald Trump were out of character and did not seem ordinary for the co-host.

“Most people at the show have not heard this type of ‘locker room talk’ from him. Most people who have worked with Billy would say that sort of behavior was out of character for him.”

The source added that Bush has always been respectful to women as far as he was concerned.

“Billy is a good guy. He’s a nice guy. He’s always respectful to women and kind to his colleagues and he has had a good relationship with all of the anchors.”

NBC apparently had no knowledge of the recording’s existence until last Monday, when Access Hollywood gave them the heads up before they leaked the video.

Bush has had some big-name supporters, including his former Access Hollywood co-host Kit Hoover, who got emotional on Monday’s episode while defending her friend.

“Those tapes were a decade ago and it was seven minutes of someone’s life, and all I can tell you is what I know and the person that I sat next to for the last six years, and that person for me is a totally different person. The Billy that I know and a lot of people would say has the biggest heart of anybody and he is a good person.”

Do you think the Today show will fire Billy Bush? If so, will anyone ever hire him for another hosting gig? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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