Trump Accuser Jill Harth Is Outraged That He ‘Lied’ About Sexual Assault

Jill Harth, one of the women who accused Donald Trump of bragging about sexually assaulting her, is outraged because Donald Trump “lied” about the sexual assault during the presidential debate.

Jill Harth is a 54-year-old makeup artist from Queens, New York. Harth claimed that she was inappropriately groped by Donald Trump in a sexual manner on three separate occasions, according to Inside Edition.

“He groped me. He absolutely groped me. He just slipped his hand there touching my private parts.”

The woman told Inside Edition that she was shocked when the tape recording leaked of Trump bragging that he gropes women.

“It made me feel like, ‘See? This is what I was saying. He’s saying in his words what he does. How can people not believe me now?'”

Harth was allegedly shocked and angered during Sunday’s Presidential debate when Trump denied ever groping a woman.

“He lied. He lied and it made me angry that he did that.”

Donald Trump and Jill Harth first met in 1992 when she and her ex husband George Houraney were negotiating a business deal with Trump to stage a beauty pageant at the Trump Castle in Atlantic City.

Harth said it was here that Donald Trump first groped her and grabbed at her sexually. Trump had allegedly invited her and her then-husband to a party at the Plaza Hotel in December 1992.

“Donald placed me right next to him, and that was the time when he started to go for it. He had his hand on my leg, moving forward, went for it, touching my private parts.

“I got up and I just said, ‘I got to go to the bathroom.’ My way of dealing with this was to flee the area.”

Inside Edition spoke with her ex-husband Hourney who backed up her story.

“She said, ‘He kept trying to grope me under the table,’ and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’

“I said, ‘Maybe he was just…’ and she said, ‘No, no, no. He wasn’t playing a game. This was just dead serious.'”

The makeup artist went on to claim that the second sexual assault incident occurred with Trump in January of 1993. The two were at Trump’s Mar-A-Largo estate. Harth said that Trump offered her a private tour of the property, and then pulled her into a bedroom.

Harth believes that bedroom to have been his daughter Ivanka’s, who was then 11-years-old.

“He is pushing me up against the wall, forcing a kiss on me, and again with his hands all over my body and up my dress with his hands.”

Harth says Trump’s advances continued in March 1993, when he came onto Harth a third time.

“It turned into a wrestling match.

“He started to kiss me, had his hands all over me, and again had his hands up my dress.”

Jill Harth’s attorney Lisa Bloom also spoke with the reporter.

“It’s time for him to face the music and be a man and apologize to Jill Harth.”


Since comments have been made, Trump has had a spokesperson give the following statement.

“Mr. Trump denies each and every statement made by Ms. Harth as these 24-year-old allegations lack any merit or veracity.”

The Trump campaign also publicized emails Harth sent to Trump offering her makeup services after he declared for the Presidency.

“I am definitely on team Trump. I would be willing to say at a rally or somewhere how DJT helped me with my self-confidence and all positive things about how he is with women to counter any negativity that may come out at some point in the campaign.”

When Inside Edition asked Jill Harth sent those emails to Trump.

“I’m a freelance makeup artist trying to get work and I was being nice.”

Inside Edition has set up a second interview for Tuesday with Trump’s accuser Jill Harth, October 10.

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