‘The View’ Cancelled Due To ‘Tramps’? Fake Report Says 10,000 Facebook Likes Will Get ABC TV Show Off Air [Video]

The View is getting more attention because of a recent segment that turned controversial. As seen in the below video clip of The View, Joy Behar spoke with other co-hosts of The View about Donald Trump’s press conference with several of Bill Clinton’s accusers who accused the former president of sexual assault. Behar spoke of Hillary Clinton — and joked about Hillary apologizing to any of the women who knowingly and willingly slept with Bill as a married man — with Joy calling those particular women “tramps.”


Joy’s joke seemed directed at women who had consensual sex with Bill, because Whoopi Goldberg opened the conversation by saying that if she were Hillary — calling Hillary the real victim — she wouldn’t be so polite to women who had slept with her husband. Joy quipped that Hillary could have apologized to all the “tramps” who had sex with Bill.

cancelled the view
President Barack Obama ‘The View’ on July 28, 2010. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

However, the View co-hosts had just discussed the fact that women like Juanita Broaddrick, who gave an interview to Breitbart News, claim that they did not have consensual sex with Bill — but allege that Clinton raped Broaddrick, as reported by the Inquisitr.


It was a comment that caused Behar to issue the following apology for calling the women involved with Clinton “tramps,” as seen in the below video. Joy stated that during the political conversation on Monday’s episode of The View, Behar made a joke.

Joy did not mention the word “tramps,” as she called the women who had sex with Bill in the previous episode of The View — but Behar did note that she never, ever intended to belittle women who are victims of sexual assault by calling them names like “tramps.”


Meanwhile, conservative outlets have erupted in outrage over Joy calling Clinton’s victims “tramps,” as reported by Fox News. Some of those who have accused Bill of sexual assault have responded to Behar calling them “tramps.”

Certain viewers have responded with hashtags that urge others to #BoycottTheView, while one particular outlet claims that the View will be cancelled if they get a certain number of Facebook likes.


According to American News, Joy’s comments about the women being “tramps” were shameful, and on Facebook, their article has quickly swelled to more than 11,000 likes. However, what’s not true about the article is that 10,000 likes on Facebook will get The View cancelled, as they claim.

“This is absolutely shameful. Get this liberal trash off the air immediately. Can we get 10,000 ‘LIKES’ to have this show shut down? On Sunday night, Donald Trump made the controversial decision to show up to the presidential debate with three brave women who have been victims of former President Bill Clinton.

“Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley, and Paula Jones were all sexually assaulted by Clinton in the past. In an effort to confront him, they sat just feet away from him during the debate. The hosts of The View are usually advocates for women who have faced sexual assault, but in this case, they took a very different approach.”

The View
The set of ABC’s ‘The View’ on June 5, 2003. [Image by Ed Bailey/AP Images]

“According to Infowars, Joy Behar called the women ‘tramps’ and argued that Hillary should have confronted them for ‘sleeping with her husband.’ Liberals reacted with laughter, as if calling rape victims ‘tramps’ is a funny concept. ‘The View‘s Joy Behar calls Bill Clinton’s rape victims ‘tramps’, liberal audience laughs. But they really care about women,’ Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, calling the matter into attention. What do you think? Are you tired of the hypocrisy?”

Despite the cancellation claims, no reputable news organizations are reporting that The View was cancelled by ABC as of this writing. In fact, ABC’s The View outperformed The Talk, according to Broadway World, by averaging 2.716 million total viewers the week of September 26.

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