How To Find Amazon Deals At Black Friday Prices Every Day

Columbus Day is over and Halloween is just weeks away, which means the next big shopping event is Black Friday. But did you know that you can find Amazon deals at Black Friday prices every day?

Amazon has quickly become the top online retailer and is known for tremendous discounts and cheap prices. If you want to find a great sale, you might want to look online rather than at your local department store. We’ll leave the financial analysts to debate over the long-term impact Amazon has on brick-and-mortar retail businesses and focus on immediate tasks like finding Black Friday sale prices on days that aren’t national shopping events.

According to an E-Marketer report, Amazon ranks as the fifth largest worldwide retailer and is expected to see continued growth through 2020. Amazon comes in at the top spot when ranking online sales and retailers, reports Internet Retailer. In fact, Amazon’s rise has meant that brick-and-mortar stores need to make changes to remain viable in the online world. Walmart continues to lead in worldwide sales but is heavily shifting their digital sales strategy to maintain their lead and competency with Amazon.

So what is Amazon’s secret to success? There are several reasons why Amazon continues to attract and keep new customers, and these reasons include offering incredible deals, fast shipping times, and even Black Friday prices on certain items every day of the year.

The key to finding Amazon Black Friday prices every day is knowing how to navigate the site. Prime members are often presented with the best deals and get free two-day shipping on qualifying items. This alone is time saving and can save consumers money and time that would otherwise be spent on gas driving to and from their local store. Every time you access the official Amazon website, you’ll find there are categories to shop. If you check the top options on the category page, you’ll often find links for sales and deals in that category. This is a great way to find items you are looking for at discount prices.


Also, when you shop by category, you’ll find many options that you can choose to include in your search on the left-side column. If you’re looking for deals with Black Friday prices, tick the option for items marked down 70 percent off and more. For example, if you were shopping for jewelry deals and sales at Black Friday prices, you can tick the brands, metal types, and discount percentage you’re looking for. There’s no guarantee that what you’re looking for will be available, but if you search on a regular basis, you’re certain to come across some incredible deals.

Another method for finding Amazon sales and deals at Black Friday prices is to shop the daily deals. Amazon has a number of daily deals, including lightning deals (time sensitive events), regular deals, and watched deals. Prime members receive early advance access to daily deals. When you browse Amazon’s daily deals, you’ll find the setup is very similar to shopping in other categories. There is a left-side panel that allows consumers to tick category options. You also have the option of browsing daily deals based upon the percentage of the discount. Choose discounts at 70 percent and more and you’ll find incredible, blow out prices on daily deals. One advantage to keeping an eye on Amazon’s daily deals is that one of the options includes browsing missed deals. You’ll find that even if you miss a 70 percent off Amazon daily deal, you can still get the item at a discount. Some daily deals tend to repeat, while others are one-time sales.


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