Retro Gaming Fans Can Now Relive The Atari Classics On Their PlayStation 4

Remember when Atari was the best gaming console out there? Do you miss plugging your old Atari into your television and playing games such as Pong, Asteroids, and Street Racer? Well, if you have a PlayStation 4, you can relive those childhood memories thanks to a partnership with Atari and AtGames Digital Media Ltd.

AtGames has released two volumes of classic retro Atari games that can be played on PlayStation 4. This means that gamers can not only devour their favorite Atari games all over again but help introduce a new generation to the exciting times that was gaming in the ’80s.

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 and Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 are available already for PlayStation 4 and feature 50 classic Atari games on each volume.

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1
[Image via Sony/Playstation 4]

Players will be able to experience Atari’s greatest hits on their PlayStation 4 but with the added advantage of today’s technology. This will include full 1080p high-definition, global leaderboards, online and local multiplayer, and trophies and achievements. However, for those who liked the old Atari controllers, PlayStation 4’s intuitive interface design should deliver the responsive feel of the original.

Atari Flashback Classics offers easy access to some of the greatest titles in gaming history, introducing a new generation of kids to these beloved games,” said Fred Chesnais, the CEO of Atari. “We are excited that the first two entries in this series are now available to challenge and delight gamers everywhere.”

Chesnais also confirmed this was only be beginning for the relationship between PlayStation 4 and Atari.

“These new products provide a showcase for many of the best classic Atari games through the power of modern consoles. In our ongoing partnership with Atari, we are thrilled to help bring these first two volumes to market and look forward to further developments in the series.”

So, what games are included? According to the press release issued by Newswire, the full list of games can be found below.

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 features the following titles.

“3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (2600), Air-Sea Battle (2600), Backgammon (2600), Basketball (2600), Black Widow (Arcade), Blackjack (2600), Bowling (2600), Canyon Bomber (2600), Centipede (2600), Centipede (Arcade), Circus Atari (2600), Combat (2600), Combat 2 (2600), Desert Falcon (2600), Dodge ‘Em (2600), Fatal Run (2600), Football (2600), Home Run (2600), Human Cannonball (2600), Liberator (Arcade), Lunar Lander (Arcade), Millipede (2600), Millipede (Arcade), Miniature Golf (2600), Pong (Arcade), Quadrun (2600), Radar Lock (2600), Realsports Boxing (2600), Realsports Football (2600), Realsports Soccer (2600), Realsports Volleyball (2600), Save Mary (2600), Slot Machine (2600), Slot Racers (2600), Space Duel (Arcade), Sprint Master (2600), Star Raiders (2600), Steeplechase (2600), Stunt Cycle (2600), Super Baseball (2600), Super Football (2600), Swordquest: Earthworld (2600), Swordquest: Fireworld (2600), Swordquest: Waterworld (2600), Tempest (2600), Tempest (Arcade), Video Olympics (2600), Warlords (2600), Warlords (Arcade), Yars’ Revenge (2600).”

Playstation 4's Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2
[Image by Sony/Playstation 4]

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 features the following titles.

“A Game of Concentration (2600), Adventure (2600), Asteroids (2600), Asteroids (Arcade), Asteroids Deluxe (Arcade), Atari Video Cube (2600), Basic Math (2600), Brain Games (2600), Breakout (2600), Casino (2600), Championship Soccer (2600), Checkers (2600), Chess (2600), Code Breaker (2600),Crystal Castles (2600), Crystal Castles (Arcade), Demons to Diamonds (2600), Double Dunk (2600), Flag Capture (2600), Golf (2600), Gravitar (2600), Gravitar (Arcade), Hangman (2600), Haunted House (2600), Major Havoc (Arcade), Maze Craze (2600), Missile Command (2600), Missile Command (Arcade), Night Driver (2600), Off the Wall (2600), Outlaw (2600), Race (2600), Realsports Baseball (2600), Realsports Basketball (2600), Realsports Tennis (2600), Red Baron (Arcade), Return to Haunted House (2600), Secret Quest (2600), Sentinel (2600), Sky Diver (2600), Spacewar (2600), Sprint (Arcade), Starship (2600), Stellar Track (2600), Street Racer (2600), Sub Commander (2600), Super Breakout (2600), Super Breakout (Arcade), Surround (2600), Video Pinball (2600).”

However, if it is the truly immersive experience you are craving with your Atari games, AtGames have also released a retro console similar to Nintendo’s retro NES console due for release in November. Released in October, AtGames’ Atari Flashback 7 is a console reminiscent of the original ’80s console that plugs into your television to play 101 Atari 2600 classic games. The Atari Flashback 7 comes complete with two wireless controllers (because let’s face it, wireless is definitely an improvement over tangled cords). You can find the full list of Atari Flashback 7’s games via the AtGames website.

Developed by Code Mystics, Atari Flashback Classics is rated E for Everyone. Each volume of Atari Flashback Classics carries an SRP of $19.99 USD and is now available both digitally and from major retailers.

[Featured Image by Sony/PlayStation 4]