Best Halloween And Horror Movies To Stream On HBO GO, Hulu, And Amazon Prime

Halloween is almost here, and some of the best suspense and horror movies are available for streaming on HBO GO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The perfect Halloween movies provide more than just horror, they give audiences genuine scares. Some of the films on this list are supernatural ghost stories, others are about creepy psychopaths, but they are all scary.

best Halloween movies best Horror movies

Best Halloween Movies on HBO GO


Nothing says Halloween like a good ghost story, and few ghost stories are better than Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, Poltergeist. Older generations will love revisiting this tale, and newer generations will discover why “they’re here.”

Cabin Fever

This was one of the goriest movies of 2002, and fans will love this original version as opposed to the dreaded remake.

Jeepers Creepers

Though the second half doesn’t live up to the suspense of the first half, Jeepers Creepers should still be put on the list for best Halloween movies. And casual fans of the genre will appreciate the moderate use of gore.

Joy Ride

Steve Zhan, Leelee Sobieski, and the late Paul Walker star in this film that’s popular among both critics and fans alike; Joy Ride is guaranteed to provide plenty of suspense.

28 Days Later

Critics raved for this zombie flick that has become a favorite among genre fans. RadioTimes describes why this is one of the best horror movies for Halloween.

“From eerie vistas of deserted London to unnerving views of Manchester reduced to burning rubble, this Dogme-driven apocalyptic nightmare from director Danny Boyle is a tense, exciting and terrifying horror.”

best horror movies best Halloween movies

28 Weeks Later

Make it a zombie double-feature, as the suspense continues in 28 Weeks Later.

The Hitcher

Though the remake wasn’t successful, this original starring C. Thomas Howell and Rutger Hauer is considered a classic. Slasher movies often land flat— this one soared.


Before Silence of the Lambs, there was Manhunter. Based on the novel Red Dragon, this twisted tale by Michael Mann offers true terror and suspense.

Best Halloween Movies on Amazon Prime


Based on the novel by Stephen King, Misery provides suspense, comic relief, and overall, a fantastic story. This tale left writers everywhere apprehensive of meeting their number one fan.

The Witch

The Witch is one of the most unsettling films of all-time. The film garnered a score of 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and the site’s Critics Consensus describes why this is one of the best horror movies of 2016.

“As thought-provoking as it is visually compelling, The Witch delivers a deeply unsettling exercise in slow-building horror…”

The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe proved he can be more than just a kid with a wand in this chilling ghost story.


Another movie based on the work from the master of horror, Stephen King. For those in the mood for unrelenting suspense, this is the perfect ghost story starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

best horror movies best Halloween movies

An American Werewolf in London

Halloween is synonymous with monsters, and nothing is more monstrous than a werewolf. Usually, werewolf films are mediocre at best, but An American Werewolf in London is a classic.

From Dusk Till Dawn

This is a perfect blend of horror, comedy, and nonstop action.

The Devil’s Advocate

If Halloween is the Devil’s night, then Al Pacino as Old Scratch is apropos for the holiday.

best horror movies best Halloween movies

The Others

The Others is one of the most unique ghost stories ever told, and it is one of the most suspenseful movies available on Amazon Prime.


What better movie to watch on Halloween than—well—Halloween. Though this remake by Rob Zombie is not the horror masterpiece of John Carpenter’s original, Michael Myers is always scary.

Best Halloween Movies on Hulu

Sleepy Hallow

Perhaps no Halloween story is more popular than that of The Headless Horseman. And with Christopher Walken playing the dreaded figure, this is one of the best movies on Hulu.

The Blair Witch Project

This is the film that put the found-footage genre on the map, and it is still one of the best horror movies of that variety.

The Amityville Horror

Hulu is offering both the original and the remake of this horror classic. Though critics weren’t a fan of either, the original is still popular among fans.


It’s appropriate that Stephen King movies would be listed more than once on this list, and Carrie is the first film adaptation from the master of horror’s work.

The Silence of the Lambs

Many iconic villains have existed throughout horror franchises: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Chucky, and Hannibal Lecter. More than one actor has portrayed Hannibal the Cannibal through the years, but none have done it as smoothly as Sir Anthony Hopkins. The New York Daily News describes one of the best Halloween movies.

“The movie, scary and graphic to cause timid souls (such as this writer) to close their eyes at certain points, has a vise-like grip on the audience.”


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From Poltergeist to The Silence of the Lambs, some of the best horror and suspense movies for Halloween are streaming on HBO GO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

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