Man Puts His Children Through College, Yet Prosecutors Say He Murdered His Daughter

A father allegedly shot and killed his 27-year-old daughter only days after he hosted a big family get-together. Jamal Mansour had even bought his daughter a dress and bracelets when he went on a trip to Jerusalem previous to her killing, as his attorney Angelo Lonardo shared with the Washington Post.

The seemingly loving father of four girls and two boys left much to be explained when he allegedly shot the youngest of his children twice in the head. Lonardo spoke as to how uncharacteristic it all seems.

“This does not make any sense. It’s extremely uncharacteristic of the man who had put his daughters through college so that they could achieve their dreams in life.”

The 63-year-old was indicted on Wednesday on charges of murder, aggravated murder, and felonious assault by the grand jury. The indictment comes one week after 27-year-old Tahani Mansour, who was a clinical pharmacist in a Cleveland clinic, was shot fatally in her bedroom at her family’s home in Rocky River, Ohio.

It is reported that the shooting occurred in the early morning hours on September 27. Prosecutor Michael O’Shea states that Mansour “executed” his daughter by shooting her once from the front and then again in the back of her head after she had fallen. The Washington Post shares O’Shea’s observations.

“It’s almost like a professional hit man had done this. My opinion is that he got into that room with the purpose of killing his daughter. That wasn’t an accidental shooting. That’s an execution.”

The prosecutor went on to state that the type of handgun used was a revolver, which has a much heavier trigger than a semi-automatic. It is unknown as to whether the gun belonged to Jamal Mansour or if he even had a permit for it.

O’Shea shares that Tahani’s brother called 911 and told police that his sister was unconscious but breathing and that she was “bloodied and twitching.” The publication shares that Tahani hung on to life for nearly a day before passing from the wounds. The other family members were also in the house at the time of the shooting.

The prosecutor notes what a fighter Tahani Mansour was on the day she was shot.

“The poor girl fought like crazy to live,” he said. “She was a fighter.”

There were a number of indications, as shared by sources close to Mansour and his daughter, that the two struggled with their relationship as father and daughter. A former classmate of Tahani Mansour, Philip King, spoke with the AP and stated that Tahani enjoyed spending time at school with friends because it allowed her the freedom she might not have at home. King said her family was “very, very protective” of her. At one point, King said, Tahani confided that she feared her father. The classmate adds that he does not know the details, and he didn’t ask due to believing there were cultural reasons.

The motive, however, remains unclear for Mansour’s alleged killing of his daughter. O’Shea did relay that on one occasion in 2012, Jamal Mansour became upset at his daughter for attending a pharmacy convention in Las Vegas. An anonymous source shared that Mansour threatened to kill himself because of his daughter’s business trip.

Lonardo spoke on his client’s behalf, noting that he is a “hardworking man who loves his family and who put his children through college and graduate school.” He then added that Mansour had been mentally and physically sick for some time, but he declined to comment further.

Tahani had a doctoral degree in pharmacy and had just been hired at the clinic. She graduated from Northeast Ohio Medical University in 2013.

[Featured Image by St. Louis County Police Department via Getty Images]