‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: The Shocking Revelation That Could Change The Series Forever

American Horror Story fans have been watching Season 6’s Roanoke with eagle eyes trying to find any clues or hints that would give away the teased episode 6 twist. The cast has spoken out, confirming the spoilers that the entire show is about to change drastically. However, will the shocking plot twist also change the entire series for good?

According to Nerdist, American Horror Story Season 6 has been shrouded in mystery. The plot was kept under wraps until the premiere last month, and each episode seems to bring more unanswered questions for viewers. However, next week’s sixth episode will turn the tables. The reports suggest that something so big may happen that fans will be in complete shock, and everything they knew about the series will have been wrong.

A new theory that all the Season 6 characters are stuck in purgatory has been born. All of the Roanoke landowners have ended up dead, and their spirits still haunt the land dating back to the colonists that mysteriously disappeared. Are they all forced to stay within the confines of the land and relive their lives and gruesome deaths forever while bringing fear and death to any new people who may move into the house? This has fans questioning the possibility of every season of American Horror Story being a state of purgatory for all the characters.

American Horror Story Spoilers: How All The Seasons Are Connected.
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While fans know that each season is connected somehow, it seems that Season 6’s Roanoke is connected to past seasons more deeply that others. There have already been obvious connections to Season 1’s Murder House and Season 4’s Freak Show, but fans are likely to see the one main theme that connects them all. Ryan’s Murphy’s recent comments to Entertainment Weekly are now only fueling the fire of the American Horror Story Season 6 rumors and theories.

“You’ll see starting in episode 6, the show has a huge turn and the thing that you think you’re watching is now what you’re watching,” Murphy revealed.

It seems that the number six has also been a reoccurring theme this season. Season 6, episode 6 is set to be the big reveal, but in previous seasons, the sixth episodes have also been big ones. As many American Horror Story fans may know, 666 is considered the devil’s number, and it is also used as a sign of the devil’s offspring, or the Antichrist. Could episode 6 change everything fans believed they knew about the anthology season and reveal the reason children have also been such a presence in the series?

American Horror Story Season 6 Spoilers: Are All The Characters In Purgatory?
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It seems that American Horror Story Season 6 has spent each episode connecting to a previous season’s sixth episode. In episode 1, fans saw the pig man from Murder House; the serial killing nurses from Asylum were featured in the second episode; episode three brought references to seances from Coven, and episode 4 shouted out the builder of the creepy Roanoke house, who is a relationship Freak Show character, Dandy Mott. This leaves fans to believe that episode 5 of Season 6 could reference The Countess’ demon baby storyline from Season 5’s Hotel. After all of the past season’s sixth episodes are referenced that leaves Roanoke open for a shocking and exciting sixth episode of its own next week.

It seems that American Horror Story Season 6, Episode 6 could see all of the seasons collide and really blow fans’ minds. Has this been Ryan Murphy’s plan all along, and if so, what does this mean going forward for future seasons of the series? The show has already been picked up for Season 7, and Murphy says he’s already got the idea for the plot. He revealed he’s even been telling the cast to clear their schedules for the upcoming filming.

What are your thoughts on the complicated and shocking latest American Horror Story Season 6 spoilers?

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