Maggots In KFC Chicken Dinner Send 5-Year-Old Arkansas Boy To The Hospital [Video]

A 5-year-old Arkansas boy was rushed to the hospital after eating a piece of chicken from a KFC meal that was crawling with live maggots, the Evening Standard is reporting.

This article is about to get extremely gross, so the squeamish should look away now.

An Arkansas mother visited the KFC location in West Helena, in suburban Memphis, last Sunday. After a while, she noticed that her 5-year-old son was gagging and vomiting. It was then that she discovered, to her horror, what was causing the problem: a piece of his chicken was crawling with live maggots.

You can see the disgusting meal in the video below, but be warned: This video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

The 5-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital and was admitted for treatment for food poisoning.

The mother said she contacted the manager of the local KFC about the situation, according to WBHQ (Memphis), but she has not gotten a response.

An Arkansas woman says her son’s KFC meal was crawling with maggots. [Image by Ken Wolter/Shutterstock]

Not getting satisfaction from KFC, the mom then took her video — and her complaint — to the Helena-West-Helena Police Department’s Facebook page. Although the police indicated that the maggot-infested meal is not a criminal matter, they shared the post just as a general warning to the public about the dangers of eating out-of-date food.

For some inexplicable reason, KFC seems to have more than its share of accusations of gross things turning up in its food. In a disgusting case out of England from April of this year, Keir McNally told the Evening Standard that she found a piece of string in her KFC meal. The pregnant mother of two was eating a “mini filet burger” when she felt something hard scraping against her teeth. As it turns out, it was a piece of red string, coated in breadcrumbs, that had gotten fried into her piece of chicken.

“When I was eating it, I noticed I couldn’t pull away, stopped eating immediately and then wondered what was in my mouth and saw the red and white string. I felt really sick. I’m three months pregnant – I was shocked for the whole day.”

Fortunately, the piece of string was from the sack that holds the breading and flour.

In what is probably the most disgusting accusation of gross things to be found in KFC food, in June of 2015, KFC customer Devorise Dixon posted a shocking photo on Facebook of a piece of chicken he’d bought at KFC that looked suspiciously like a rat.

With a pointy prominence at one end resembling what could be taken as a head, and a long piece at the other end that resembles a tail, the chunk of meat certainly looked for all the world like a rat. The photo, which went viral soon after Dixon posted it, caused no end of consternation for KFC, even though the company insisted that a deep-fried rat couldn’t possibly have wound up in a customer’s meal. Dixon, however, insisted that the chunk of meat was a rat. He even retained an attorney.

“Recently, a customer questioned the quality of a KFC product, and this received considerable publicity given the sensational nature of his claim.”

After a few days of accusations, however, the matter was settled once and for all via DNA testing, according to Fox News. An independent lab confirmed that the unfortunately-shaped chunk of meat was, in fact, just a piece of chicken.

As of this writing, KFC has not responded to the allegations from the Arkansas woman who said she was served a piece of chicken with live maggots on it.

Editor’s note: KFC reached out to the Inquisitr with a statement on the matter.

“KFC follows strict food safety and handling procedures and works closely with local and state Health Departments to ensure the safety of our food and health of our guests. In fact, a few days before, as well as immediately after we learned of this allegation, the Health Department conducted thorough investigations at the restaurant and found no evidence of temperature issues, pest issues, spoiled food, or any other issues of concern.

Our chicken is inspected and hand-breaded in our kitchens by expertly trained cooks before being cooked to a temperature of 165F or higher, and hot-held at a temperature above 140F. Due to these strict procedures we have in place, we are confident that this did not occur while the food was still inside our restaurant.”

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