Indiana Woman Struck, Killed By Semi-Truck On Interstate 65 In Front Of Children After Pulling Over To Check Strange Noise Coming From SUV

A semi-truck traveling on interstate 65 struck and killed an Indiana woman, Nika L. Trippi, 30, who exited her vehicle after pulling over to check a strange noise that was coming from her SUV, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

At around 10:45 a.m. Monday, Trippi was traveling in a 2014 black Chevy Suburban on I-65 when she suddenly heard a strange noise and decided to pull over on the “outer shoulder of the road” near the 219-mile marker, which is half a mile from Fair Oaks exit.

Trippi’s mother and her two children remained in the vehicle while she exited to uncover where the noise was coming from. Moments after closing her door, witnesses say a semi-truck pulling an enclosed box trailer struck the woman, partially throwing Trippi’s body underneath her vehicle.

The driver of the semi-truck did not stop after striking the woman, and it continued traveling south on interstate 65.

Emergency responders later arrived at the scene and pronounced Trippi dead from massive blunt force trauma. The passengers in the Chevy Suburban did not sustain any injuries during the incident.

Police closed the southbound lanes while they conducted an investigation, but it was later reopened.

The victim was an esthetician who also posted makeup tutorials on YouTube.

“She was amazing at it, one of the best estheticians we’ve ever had,” said Anthony Segretto, who owns Zazu Salon in Hinsdale where Trippi worked. “She lived for her children. That was really her true passion, her two girls.”

Melissa Spizzirri, who was Trippi’s friend and colleague at Zazu Salon, stated that “she’s a mother and I think that’s hitting us all horribly knowing she has two little kids at home.”

Colleagues were left devastated after learning the mother of two was killed in a hit and run on I-65, according to the JC Online.

“I’m shocked,” wrote Michelle Lee on Facebook. “I’m sad. I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people. I don’t understand life sometimes. Nika, I’m so sorry that this happened. I wish we spent more time together.

“I know you’re in heaven with my daddy and your daddy watching over all of us. I will never forget your beautiful heart and kindness. You will be missed! I love you. RIP beautiful.”

Facebook user Lynda Kerrigan wrote, “So very sad for her. She was so young and had her whole life to spend with her two girls. Now it’s wiped away by a horrible truck driver. Hope they get him and he burns in h***.”

Shawn Finn was heartbroken over the deadly I-65 hit and run.

In a Facebook post, Finn wrote, “There is no way Nika did not pull her vehicle off to the most ‘safe as possible area’. This truck driver either fell asleep, was f****** around (i.e.: cell phone, Grindr, Tinder, Pokémon Go) or what sickens me worse, is if it was intentional.”

“I still don’t want to believe this beautiful angel, amazing, uplifting and bright spirited person is gone.”

In a Facebook post, Trippi’s friend Maynard Malilay wrote, “Almost six years ago we met you in Italy and instantly became friends. You and Andy welcomed our family when we visited years later. We may have only spent a few moments with each other but that’s more than enough to know how special you are to everyone.”

Several social media users have pleaded with the public to share Trippi’s story in an attempt to help catch the person responsible for striking and killing a mother of two small children, who now have to grow up without their mother.

Anyone with information regarding the semi-truck hit and run on interstate 65 is urged to contact Indiana State Police at 219-696-6242. An investigation is ongoing.

[Featured Image by Nikia Trippi/Facebook]